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People love to personalize the birthstones having enough knowledge about their characteristics. There are the individuals that have no concern with the potential attributes of the gemstone. They only prefer to wear the stones to enhance their outlook among the folks. In the current post we are focusing on two most loved stones with the legends and dynamic uses. Our Focusing gemstones are Aries Birthstone and Libra Birthstone.

Stepping Forwards Towards Aries Birthstones

Aries always display deep concerns for Aries Birthstones as this stone is always in the range of their date of births. Aries horoscope dates are in the spring season starting from 19 March to 20 April. The gemstones for Aries are Aquamarine and Diamond.

Aquamarine is March birthstone whereas Diamond is April Birthstone. Both stones possess distinct features.

Aries Birthstone of Month of March

Gemologists have classified the gemstones according to the month. Aquamarine is stone that is for the individuals having date of births from 19 March to 31 March. You will see the stone in blue-green color with calming energy effects that can only feel bearers. Various legends were associated with the stones in various eras of the history. But one very well admitted fact in ancient times was its association with the safe sailing for sailors of that time.

The sailor of past times used to consider it a stone that could behave like a protection wall in the stormy and dangerous oceans.

The meaning of aquamarine is “seawater”.  The relation of gemstone with water awards calmness and mental tranquility to the bearers in the moments of stress and external distraction.

Many cultures confess that it develops bond of love in the married couples. Further, it restores its original color when it is placed for many nights in moon light.

Wearing Aries Birthstone for long duration reduces the effects of stomach diseases.

Aries Birthstone for Month of April

The sole Aries Birthstone for month of April is diamond. Diamond is allotropic form of carbon in which atoms are naturally organized in a lattice. A very rare diamond transform into graphite. Actual source of diamond are very deep in the mental of earth. Approximate depth of diamond source is in the range of 200 kilometers. With the volcanic eruption the gems come close to the earth surface.

Aries Birthstone Color is one of the main causes of its beauty and sheen. A pure diamond is colorless. But change in color is due to birthmarks that become part of diamond duration formation of diamond at very high temperature and pressure. An Aries Birthstone with yellowish hues has less worth in the market.

Four C’s of Aries Birthstone

The four C’s of Aries birthstone determine its market work that are listed below

As diamond is a physical quantity and it possesses weight. The unit for measurement of weight of diamond is Carat. One Carat is equated to 200 grams. Carat and size of the gemstone are two distinct quantities.

Clarity is another main feature of diamond. Greater number of birthmarks in stone reduces the clarity level of the diamond.

Color is important legend of the Aries birthstone. Diamond is in the world in all colors but the most precious diamond is in white hues with minimized birthmarks.

You can set aside the Cut of a diamond that determine how the light rays enter the stone and finally bounce back from the stone.

Dazzling Features of Libra Birthstone

Libra birthstone is Opal. It is for the Librans that have date of birth in dates 23 September to 22 October. It is one of the precious gemstone. Opal is multicolor stone. The main color is green with color straps of other stones on its surface.

As sign of Libra Birthstone is balance. Therefore Librans individuals are always justice lovers. If you wear Opal for long duration, it will transform creative energy in your personality. Finally you will feel amazing confidence in your personality.

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