Bridal Guide Here’s What To Keep In Mind At Your Wedding Lehenga Fitting

Your wedding lehenga is the most suspicious outfit and also the most important one in your life. It must be the perfect one from head to toe. 

Fitting of the blouse and length of the lehenga, everything must be perfectly fine. If you are getting it tailored or are going for a readymade one and then getting it altered you should be assured in every way.  

You need to keep certain things in mind while you are choosing your wedding lehenga. You need to look for so many things including fabric, designs, embroidery, patterns, colors, etc. 

Let’s check out the bridal guide which will show you what you must do and look for. 

1. Going with the Trend

Going with the Trend

Your lehenga should match the latest trend so that you look like a modish and voguish bride. Do some online research and go with celebrity trends to get the best idea which you can follow for your wedding day.

Have a discussion with your friends and designer to get some best advice and choose the right outfit.    

2. The Season of Your Dream Day

It is important to consider the season of your wedding day. According to that you can choose the fabrics for your special day.

It’s better to go for lightweight fabrics in summer and monsoon. For winters you can choose the heavy and bold fabric such as velvet, silk and jacquard. So always keep the weather in mind while you choose the outfit.   

3. Know Your Body Type

Know Your Body Type

There are a lot of patterns and designs in lehenga and there are some particular patterns which look stunning on a particular body type.

As you are the bride, you should choose the one which suits your body the most. It can be a flared double layered lehenga or a straight silhouette fishtail lehenga, whichever you like.  

4. Define Your Budget

One more thing which you should take care of is the budget. It is the most important factor which you need to consider. Don’t exceed the budget limit, as there are many things you need to look after. When buying it offline tell your estimated budget and while seeking online you can filter the amount section to define your budget.  

5. Set the Color Choices

Set the Color Choices

Willing to wear your favourite color or planning to choose something as per the trend? You have so many pretty options. If you go through the list of Surat lehenga online you will come across a variety of color choices that ranges from bright to pastels and muted. So choose the one wisely that matches the occasion vibes.    

6. Try the Lehenga Before Buying

Once you decide the lehenga of your choice, the next option comes to try the outfit to know the length and fitting correctly. 

It will even show you if the lehenga pattern and color suits you well or not. You will get to know the pros and cons of the lehenga oce you wear it, walk and look at yourself in the mirror.   

7. Be Neutral with Makeup when Choosing Lehenga
Be Neutral with Makeup when Choosing Lehenga

When you go to choose the lehenga at stores, be well-prepared with your makeup and hairstyle so that when you check the lehenga you get an appropriate appearance. Don’t rely on very high makeup as it will ruin your look. So be light with the makeup so that if you try any outfit it looks consistent with your makeup.     

8. Test All the Accessories with Lehenga

The accessories that you are going to wear on your wedding day should be checked along the lehenga. Your kundan haar, earrings, maang tikka, ring, anklet and all the other accessories should be paired along the attire to know the perfect look for your wedding day. Along with jewelry you also need to pair the footwear and hairstyle.   

9. Blouse Measurement is of Utmost Importance

Blouse Measurement is of Utmost Importance

The main piece of attire is the blouse. It should be perfectly fitted to the upper body and must not fall off the shoulder or else it will ruin the entire lehenga. The sleeves, neckline and shoulder of the blouse should be to the mark. Usually elbow sleeve blouses are the most trending ones nowadays so you should definitely try them. 

10. Go Through all the Tiny Details

Check all the details either its embroidery, color or pattern from top to bottom so that you don’t miss anything and find everything perfect when you wear it on the wedding day. The embroidery, borders, laces and everything must be up to the mark. Match the right tassels in your blouse and skirt which will make a difference.  

11. Check All the Zips and Stitches

Once you get the dress at your home or try it at the shop check out all the zips and stitches of the attire. 

It will be so embarrassing if someone finds irrelevant stitches on your skirt or blouse so check all things twice so that you don’t need to do any hassle at the time of the wedding day. Blouses, skirts and dupatta everything must be right. 

12. Get the Alteration Done Correctly

If you need any alteration make it done at least 15 days before to save yourself from that last moment. 

If it is regarding the length then get it done with perfect measurements and do wear your heels when you give that measurement. For a blouse it must only be about the fitting and the neckline.    

13. Be Defined with the Makeup

Be Defined with the Makeup

Your makeup also defines your bridal look so make sure that you start and end it perfectly. Not too high yet not too low.

 Choose the eyeshadows as per your dress, some blushes and a light tone of lip color. Bright red or purple lip color doesn’t match correctly with every attire so keeping it light pink is a good thing.  

14. Different Outfit for Different Functions

Try different things at different occasions. You can go for a gown or saree at the engagement ceremony or try different styles of lehenga for different functions. 

It is not necessary that you wear red, orange or other vibrant colors in weddings. You can also stay on pastels and muted colors with some gorgeous embroidery. 

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