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Fashion photography is a style where art and commerce meet. It can be considered to be a combination of portrait, fine art, and product photography. It involves the manner a photographer uses their perspective to curate or highlight anything related to fashion photography. This photography style is quite dynamic, and Bruce Weber Photographer is quite an expert in it. He has been associated with fashion photography for multiple decades, and gained a commendable level of success.

Bruce Weber Photographer talks about the approach to follow when getting started with fashion photography

The essence of fashion photography lies in storytelling. The possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to capturing fashion photographers. One of the best aspects of this style is that photographers can change the narrative whenever they want. There are no hard and fast rules associated with it. A career in fashion photography may involve diverse subject matter. While one may start with product photography for online selling, one can later move up to taking lifestyle photos for look books. As one gains more experience, they are likely to get a chance to capture fashion editorial shots with supermodels.

An amateur fashion photographer should start their journey will casual shoots. They might use a friend as a model for this purpose. Trying out diverse lighting set ups and compositions would be a good way to capture attractive shots.  When working with fashion models, photographers should try their best to make them feel at ease. This is quite an important element of fashion portraiture. If the photographer is working with a model for the first time, they must spend a little time just to break the ice.  This will be helpful in getting candid shots at off-guard moments, which are often quite alluring.

Apart from the camera and model, a person would need a source of light and a backdrop to get started with fashion photography. This does not mean that the setting has to be too elaborate. It can be just a bright window and a sheet. Many newbie fashion photographers use one or two strobe lights and V flats. V flats help diffuse the light from the strobe to fill the room. Having a tripod can be helpful for people just starting out with photography.

 All amateur fashion photographers should spend time in checking out images captured by reputed industry professionals like Bruce Weber Photographer for inspiration. His first shoots were in the 1970s for GQ magazine. Over the years, he has done many of their cover photos. Bruce largely came into his own in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and started to get more advertising work with high end clients. These clients included names like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. After going through the works of prominent fashion photographers like Bruce, amateur photographers may create a collage of inspirational images. Observing these images will help them to create.

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