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Are you suffering from Facebook marketplace error or not being able to see the Facebook marketplace, then this article will prove worthy for you as in this article we will be listing the potential fixes which will assist you in getting rid of Facebook Marketplace error.

So, let’s head to the fixes.

Fixes to resolve facebook Marketplace Error.

Here are the fixes through which you may resolve the Facebook marketplace issue.

Logout and Re-login into your Facebook account.

Try to log out from your Facebook account and give it a try by logging into your Facebook account as many users who have confronted this error called Why can’t I get on the Facebook marketplace have stated that performing logout and login into Facebook account has resolved their issue.

As well as it is very easy to perform.

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Reboot your system

Rebooting your system or device is one of the oldest and best tricks to get rid of various issues as it stops all the running activities and gives your system or device a fresh start.

So, give it a shot and try restarting your device or system and check whether the issue of why you can’t see the Facebook marketplace is resolved or not, and if the problem still persists you can check out the next fix.

Clear cache and data of your current browser.

To get rid of issues such as Cannot to access the Facebook marketplace, it was advised for PC users to try to clear the cache and data of their current browser and recheck again that they are able to access the marketplace.

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Make sure you are using the latest version of the Facebook App.

Using an outdated version or old version of the Facebook app might give birth to problems such as cannot access the Facebook marketplace, so to make sure you don’t have to confront such issues, and also you must have heard prevention is better than cure, so keep your Facebook App updated.

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