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Once your machining operation starts growing, you need to find reliable drill bit manufacturers that offer affordable high-quality tools. Many see a solution in buying carbide-tipped drill sets from resellers. However, these tend to cost more in the long run.

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Carbide tipped and solid carbide drill mills are a staple for shops that go through a lot of material per hour, especially hardwood, aluminum, stainless steel, or Inconel. You need extremely rigid bits that can be used at very high speeds without wobbling. Using high-speed steel or HSS bits for extensive hard metal cutting is not an option. As it heats up, it tends to “walk-off” the mark, making it extremely difficult to stay true to your print. HSS forces you to reduce speeds in order to keep temperature and chatter under control. These low feed rates are not optimal if you want to keep your workload high.

These not only apply to spot drilling operations, but also extensive piece machining that requires creating deep grooves, extensive beveling, chamfering, or threading. Without speed and accuracy to quickly shape and cut pieces according to extremely precise specifications, you will constantly waste material and time that can be put to better use.

The problem is finding carbide drill bit manufacturers that can ensure high quality at affordable prices. The process of making solid carbide or carbide-tipped twist drills is a science in itself. The material is a mixture of powdered carbide ceramic using cobalt for binding. Its molecular composition gives exceptional sharpness and rigidness to bits coated in it, allowing for smoother finishes and higher feed rates given its heat refractory capabilities.

For comparison, high-speed steel loses its edge at around 650° celsius, while carbide bits can keep cutting past 800° celsius. This allows for up to 7 times faster speeds than HSS.

However, poorly mixed or contaminated carbide can cause tools to fatigue faster or have unpredictable behavior and reduced lifespans. This makes it imperative for shops or CNC enthusiasts to find drill bit manufacturers that offer a consistent end product and are able to assist in choosing or operating their tools.

Resellers tend to import carbide tools in bulk overseas where quality cannot be guaranteed. Our shop has bought carbide tools and custom drill bits from Asia and other countries from various resellers. In our experience, some providers offer world-class products. But when something does not go as planned, contacting the manufacturer can become an ordeal. Moreover, quality tends to wildly vary even when buying from the same provider.

This is not to say that all imported tools are bad per se. It just means that, if you value quality and reliability, it is important to work with domestic drill bit manufacturers with quality control standards that can be independently verified and offer immediate customer support.

If you or your customers expect accurate cuts that stay true to the print, you need a constant and reliable supply of tools made to last.

After years in the industry, we can attest to the quality and dependability of Online Carbide. They have never failed to deliver expertly manufactured carbide tools, and their customer support is incredibly helpful. They always have precisely what we need, and even provide invaluable information about new products that always help us increase the quality and finish of our custom products. Visit and check their complete solid carbide and carbide-tipped tools. You can also contact their customer service if you have any questions about the right tool for your milling operation.

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