The up and coming pattern on the Internet this beyond couple of days – thank you US Elections! – is showing Facebook responses in realtime on a Facebook Live video! We saw many remarks and that’s what inquiries regarding… “How can it be?”, “Is it counterfeit?”. Indeed, assuming a portion of these recordings are fakes, constructing this sort of intelligent video is not unreasonably hard. We “simply” have to communicate a powerful site page that will show in realtime the Facebook responses of your post. Here is a full instructional exercise to make your own Facebook Reactions Live, regardless of whether you’re not a HTML/Javascript master.

1) Capture Facebook Reactions count

Because of Open Graph, Facebook allows you to follow responses on your posts. We know that a large portion of you are frightened of engineers and their language… so we made a full (and free) hurdle to download where you’ll track down every one of the components to construct your own site page and broadcast it on Facebook Live. It contains:

– index.html (principal page to stream)
– Logo
– Foundation
– Emoticons (Like, Love, Haha, Sad, Shock, Angry)
– Scripts

Unfasten it on your PC. Presently open the index.html record with a content manager. As may be obvious, there are a few settings to design. How about we perceive how to make it happen!
Note that you might custom the format as you at any point need assuming you know a touch of CSS 😉

2) Generate your Facebook Access Token

Span: 7 minutes

Assuming that you knew all about Facebook API, you should be know about the method involved with making an application on Facebook. It requires a couple of moments and it certainly worth the effort. Then, you’ll have the option to produce your own Access Token and request Facebook information.

We will not make sense of the entire course of making an application, so if it’s not too much trouble, follow these 12 straightforward moves toward produce your Access Token.

Presently alter the index.html document (line 105) with your spic and span Facebook Access Token.

3) Set your Facebook Live

To go live, we will utilize the “Distributing Tools” on your Facebook Page.
Sign on to your Facebook page and snap on Publishing Tools in the top menu. Then click on Videos on the left menu. Then, at that point, click on the +Live button on the upper right.
Then, at that point, duplicate the stream key in the modular window that shows up:

4) Configure your Livestream programming

Length: 15 minutes

Here we go. Your Facebook Live is practically prepared and presently you really want to set the livestream of your dynamic page. We will utilize a free programming called OBS to get it going.

a) Download OBS and introduce it on your PC.
b) Click Settings in OBS and afterward click “Stream” in the left menu.
Select “Web-based features” as the Stream Type / Social media aggregator platform and “Facebook Live” as the help.
Glue the stream key you got from the past step (3) into the “Stream Key” box:

5) Publish your Facebook Live

Return to the Facebook Live spring up window in your program. Following a couple of moments, it ought to show “Getting video transfer”. And afterward following a couple of additional seconds, you’ll see your site page! Kindly note, there will be a 5-7 second defer in the stream. This is typical.
Distribute your Facebook Live by clicking “Go Live”.

Presently your video is posted, we can get the Post ID to follow all clients responses.
There are numerous ways of getting the ID of a post. The least demanding way is to visit your Facebook page, click right on the time connection of your post > Copy interface. The number showed in the URL is your post ID. Glue this number in the “index.html” document on line 106. Save it.

Presently return to OBS dashboard. Double tap on your source. The source popup will show up. Click OK. It will reload your site page with ongoing updates.

6) Make it public

Presently we’re finished! Partake in your Facebook Live highlighting your adherents responses ?

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