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Keeping your kitten safe while he or she is in your home should not be an issue for most of us, but there are times when extra caution is required to guarantee your home is cat-safe. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten household things that can harm your cat when you bring it fromĀ a cattery near me.

10 Things That Can Harm The Cat

Plants of the home

Keep any home plant out of reach of your kitty, especially if you have one. Although some houseplants, such as bamboo and Christmas cactus, are not harmful to cats. On the other hand, others, such as the Swiss cheese plant, aloe vera, and lilies, can cause considerable harm if consumed.


Given that media would have you believe that all cats enjoy playing with yarn, this could be the most shocking deadly object. While this is true, if your cat consumes the yarn, it can cause serious damage to the intestinal tract and even death. If you enjoy knitting, make sure your yarns are out of reach of your cat.

Some foods

While chocolate is the most well-known human food that is harmful to cats, there are a lot of other kitchen goods that might make your cat very sick if consumed. Raw fish, for example, has viruses that are harmful to our cats, and yeast dough for pizza or bread may swell in your cat’s stomach, causing pain and perhaps internal bleeding if consumed! Before feeding your cat anything you’re not sure about, look up a complete list of foods that could be dangerous to them.


Adult cats are lactose intolerant, and drinking milk causes them a lot of pain and discomfort. If you want to give your cat milk, look for lactose-free milk at your local pet store.

Insect repellents and traps 

While keeping those pesky bugs at bay is crucial, many of these solutions contain substances that are hazardous to most pets. Please do not use insect repellent to spay your pets; instead, use flea spot treatment and collars. Keep any insect traps out of your pet’s reach as well.

Coins and other metals 

Zinc-containing coins and metals are particularly dangerous to your cat. While eating a coin is unlikely to cause renal or heart failure in tiny mammals, the zinc contained in coins dissolves and is absorbed into the bloodstream.

All cleaning supplies of the home

Even though this is basic knowledge, it is critical to keep certain items out of your pet’s reach. Cats are cunning, and with practice, they can open cupboards. So keep your cleaning products under lock and key for the safety of your pet.

Exposed wires

Kittens, in particular, enjoy chewing on anything and everything. So ensure all wires are properly covered and out of reach. Adult cats are curious as well, and they are clearly unaware of the dangers of electricals. Don’t think your cat isn’t curious because it’s “sensible,” therefore, take the necessary precautions to keep your pets healthy and safe.


Bones, as tempting as they are to feed your cat, can be quite harmful. Most bones become brittle and break when cooked, leaving sharp points that can cause internal bleeding. Even uncooked bones should be avoided by your cat because the possibility of them being ill is not worth the risk.


Don’t feed your cat stale or moldy leftovers. Any type of mold is hazardous to cats, so don’t offer them cheese! Especially because they are lactose intolerant, to begin with!


Cats are precious little animals. They are playful and curious and like to explore. So keep the above-mentioned things at bay and keep them safe.

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