Chartered Accountant Intern – A Job No One Asks For

The CA (Chartered Accountant) course in India is one of the most popular professional courses. It is a three-level course that produces certified chartered accountants. Since the average salary of a chartered accountant is high, many enthusiasts opt for the CA course. However, the CA course is more complex than other professional courses. Students also have to go through an internship period to get certified, apart from the written exams. Even if a student hasn’t asked for a CA internship, they have to go through it as it is compulsory. Read on to know more about a chartered accountant intern.

Does everyone have to go through a CA internship?

Many students do not realise the importance of working as an intern in the industry. They often neglect internship programs and training seminars. For the CA course in India, you have no choice but to go through the internship period. Once a student completes the internship period, only then they can become a certified CA. Rules regarding CA internships are decided by the ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), which is the governing body for the CA course in India and international tax advisor. According to ICAI, the rules for CA internship are as follows:

  • Every CA student needs to go through an internship period of at least three years.
  • For the first two years, a CA intern has to work under a partitioning chartered accountant.
  • The third year of CA internship can be completed as industrial training according to ICAI.

For direct-entry students into the CA course, the rules for the internship may change. Apart from the internship, CA students also have to complete ITT training and orientation prescribed by ICAI. For now, 100 hours of ITT training and 90 hours of orientation are compulsory. Internship for CA students begins only after they have passed the foundation-level exam. Students have to fill out the internship registration form and forward it to ICAI before starting as an intern. According to the rules, one needs to inform ICAI before their tenure as an intern.

Why pay attention to the CA internship?

As a CA intern, students will learn critical professional lessons. Professional lessons will help students to become better certified ca in gurgaon. Students will get to know about the standard practices in the industry by taking up an internship program. Not to forget, CA students will get their degrees only after going through the internship period. During the CA course, students learn several theoretical accounting skills. During the internship period, theoretical learning is put to test by CA students. The experience gained by a CA internship will help a student get a permanent job. Sometimes, after seeing their capabilities, a reputed CA firm hires interns as permanent employees.

Choose a reliable source for a CA internship

Internship for CA students becomes more meaningful when completed by a reputed organisation. Choose a CA firm known for its experience and diverse professional services in the industry. Such a CA firm will provide more exposure to wwe replica belts. Read the ICAI rules and begin your CA internship!

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