After over 12 months of silence, Google subsequently unveiled a brand new Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongle.

But, with it, on paper, offering a nigh same specifications sheet to Google’s preceding Chromecast Ultra dongle. Which became the primary to help 4K, you may, justifiably, be questioning what’s new.

As it turns out, now no longer a lot. But there are some key variations you have to be privy to whilst selecting among the brand new. Chromecast with Google TV and Chromecast Ultra.

Chromecast Ultra VS Chromecast With Google TV

Only one in all of them comes with a bodily remote

The Google TV has a complete one-of-a-kind layout to the Chromecast Ultra. First off, Google’s happily ditched the scratch plastic used at the Ultra, changing it with a brand new matte finish.

Google has additionally tweaked the dongle’s shape, making it oval, in place of circular. The energy delivery is likewise barely one of a kind with the Ultra’s getting Ethernet.

More importantly, Google’s taken a web page out of the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s ee-ebook. Bundled the brand new Chromecast with Google TV with a brand new bodily remote.

This is a key function that’ll make it notably smooth. To take advantage of Chromecast with Google TV’s different key promoting points. It’s TV software.

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Google TV isn’t rolling out throughout all Chromecasts

Google TV is a brand new carrier that pursues to drag in content material. From each subscription carrier, you’re signed as much as into one neat, smooth-to-navigate place.

We haven’t examined it but, on paper, this indicates you’ll be capable. Of searching, seeing tips, and playing content material from Google Play, Netflix, Disney Plus. All four, and several different multi-function offerings. This is a key improvement at the Ultra that genuinely helps you to flow content material from apps. In your telecall smartphone or tablet.

Only one in all them helps Google Stadia at the moment

Despite the Chromecast with Google TV having extra updated software. The Ultra nevertheless has aside in a single key area: gaming.

At launch, the brand new Chromecast with Google TV won’t help Google’s Stadia streaming carrier. This looks like a weird omission thinking about reality. It’s most effective a tenner much less than the Ultra, retailing for £59.fifty nine and capabilities an interface. That’s perfectly suited to residence a Stadia app/shortcut.

It’s doubly extraordinary as the brand new Chromecast helps 4K streaming at 60fps and is HDR-ready. Making it in any other case a top-cease product. Thankfully Google showed it’ll upload help for Stadia at a few points. Stadia is a nifty carrier that helps you to purchase and stream triple-A video games over the cloud. Putting off the want for costly gaming PCs or consoles.

Note: when you have a Chromecast, we might handiest advocate upgrading with Google TV. If you could take advantage of 4K streaming. If your TV does now no longer have 4K resolution. The streaming best is not going to be any higher than with the same old Chromecast.

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