A lot of people are wondering if Clipchamp is going to be a game changer. With so many costly video editing software out there, video enthusiasts are looking for something that makes video editing easier, more convenient, and a lot more fun. Could Clipchamp be “The One”?

Pros of using Clipchamp


Clipchamp is a free online video editor. It means you can use it without purchasing it and you can use it online, no downloads necessary. You can navigate the video editing timeline using just your browser. The interface and tools are on the web but the processing power needed for editing videos is from your computer.

Learning curve

If you have no experience using a video editor, it won’t be difficult to use this video editor. It has a small learning curve so you should be able to use it immediately with ease. It has a simple interface that lets you drag and drop elements into the editing timeline. 

The app has templates you can customize for your project. They’re categorized for various purposes and occasions so it’s fairly easy to find the one you need. It also has a library of royalty-free videos and themed background audio you can add to your video if you need them.

If you’re a professional video editor, you’ll be surprised at how you can create professional-looking videos in Clipchamp even if it’s web-based and simple. It’s no Adobe Premiere Pro, that’s for sure, but it sure does the job.

Editing features

Starting with the basic functions, Clipchamp doesn’t fail to let video editors trim, cut, rotate, adjust speed, or merge videos seamlessly and with ease. You can also add text, add music,  add transitions and filters, do video overlays, and loop video clips sweat-free.

The screen and webcam recording feature is easy to use and is helpful for those who create tutorials or presentations. The chroma key feature doesn’t have movie-like perfection but it works well for anyone who needs to use green screen backgrounds. 

Just recently, Clipchamp upgraded their AI voiceover feature by having all 170 voices available in 70 languages. There are even English voices with different ethnic backgrounds, like English (Philippines) and English (India).

One thing that stood out about Clipchamp is that you can export videos for free, unlimited, and without watermarks. But that was only for 480p files. If you want HD-quality videos, you’d have to pay and subscribe. But after Microsoft acquired it, the free tier now includes 1080p exports which is awesome.

Direct export

The most common option is to download your video to your computer. Clipchamp offers the option to export videos directly into digital storage and social media platforms. You can save, upload, share, or send to:

  • Google Drive
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • OneDrive
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

If you’re sharing it with someone who doesn’t have access to any of those, you have the option to generate a link, and people you share it with can view the video through a browser. One subtle yet helpful feature here is that you can continue editing the video even though you have generated and shared a link. Teams that collaborate on video projects can benefit from that.

Cons of using Clipchamp

Browser compatibility

Clipchamp is a web-based video editor but you can’t access it on just any browser. It works on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome but it doesn’t work smoothly on Mozilla Firefox, which a lot of people use nowadays.

Mobile version

They do have a mobile app but it’s only compatible with iOS devices. There are rumors, though, that they’re planning to have it available on Android as well.


It’s a reliable online video editor that both newbies and pros can use and enjoy. While some features can only be used in paid plans, the basic tools are more than enough to make professional-looking videos. And the subscription plans? A lot more affordable than other video editing software.

It may not be a good replacement for expensive professional video editing software out there, but it’s an excellent option for creators, gamers, and small business owners. Who knows? Microsoft might modify and boost its features well enough to make it a more powerful video editor.

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