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At Teenro we have comfortable and light safety shoes, certified according to EN ISO 20345 regulations. It is important to have safety shoes to prevent any risk that is carried out depending on the activity and business sector in which it operates. If you are looking for a safety shoe, you should know that we have the best models on the market that will adapt to your needs. A large selection of brands specializing in the sale of safety shoes and labor protection.

Safety shoes have a special design so that it is possible to protect this part of the body against any unforeseen event. The most important thing is that you should look at the levels of protection they provide, design, and flexibility and above all, the comfort they offer, since they are designed for long working hours.

What kind of comfortable safety shoes can I find?

The issue of occupational safety has regained importance and companies have applied the corresponding regulations regarding the use of all possible PPE. This type of measure is one of the most relevant when it comes to protecting the worker and, on the other hand, to avoid the costs caused by injuries.

Find here comfortable and light safety shoes for women and men, comfortable summer and winter safety shoes.

Safety, durability and comfort level of light safety shoes:

Teenro offers you the most comfortable safety shoes on the market through a wide variety of models, designs, colors and styles of safety shoes. You can find shoes with non-slip soles, with different treatments on the toecap intended for specific activities, with and without laces, made with different materials, etc. It is not the same to work in a workshop with a flat floor, than in a more complex work or area where you can slip. To do this, we recommend that you consult the person in charge of occupational risk prevention about the specific type of protection you need.

In our catalog you will find options for all types of work activities, from forest risks, electrical risks and much more. We have a wide diversification in terms of safety footwear.

An important point when choosing your safety footwear is to take into account the work that is performed, the level of safety that is needed, the application at different times of the year and the comfort of the product. In addition to providing you with comfortable and breathable safety shoes, Teenro provides you with information about the fabrics used for each model, the level of safety they meet and all the necessary specifications for each safety shoe.

Take into account the sole of the shoe, since these have light and flexible compounds, to be able to work comfortably, or polyurethane that adhere perfectly to the ground. Choose the comfortable safety footwear that best suits your needs.

S3 comfortable safety shoes

At Teenro you can find S3 standard safety shoes that are comfortable and equipped according to all the measures required by this standard. On the one hand, some of our models with this feature will have a water-repellent cover to offer maximum protection against water and rain, designed for outdoor work. In addition, they have a protective toe cap, non-slip sole and anti-perforation insole.

Characteristics that comfortable and light safety shoes must meet

According to our consumers and some specialists in safety shoes, there are a series of common characteristics in all safety shoes that have been chosen as the most comfortable and lightest of the entire range of products available.

These characteristics are breathability: in this way the foot, despite being in continuous movement and activity, at no time does it feel extremely fatigued or short of breath, air that may be trapped in the shoe. But if specifically what you are interested in are breathable lightweight safety shoes for women’s, on the Teenro website we have a whole selection of breathable safety shoes at your fingertips.

Another characteristic is the presence of a padded nylon bellows: this allows the worker guaranteed long-lasting comfort throughout his working day, thus allowing better work performance and greater worker well-being.

Having an expanded PU (polyurethane) midsole:  polyurethane has low density and weight but achieves high resistance to abrasion (wear and tear when walking), they obtain great results in terms of thermal insulation and slip resistance, it generates flexibility in the sole, providing comfort to any type of footwear. And in addition, it absorbs impacts well, creating a good protective barrier between our feet and the ground.

Have a multifunctional heel: this type of heel provides adherence, security and stability in any type of posture that the worker needs to adopt when performing any type of work activity., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0