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Children are god’s best creations the reason because they are not concerned about the way they look, the five evils which are fear, anger, lust jealousy and greed are always centred around one’s physical appearance. The insecurities with regards to physical appearance are always born at an individual age which is why we can often see children below the age of 10 playing carefree in the sun, soaking themselves in the mud and also we might we have noticed children getting irritated when you apply a moisturizer onto their skin.


A hair transplant clinic in Vizag of good repute advises a few tips and tricks to make children understand the importance of hair to their bodies, one of which is explaining to them how their hair is making them feel warm and protecting the naked layers of the skin against the hair weather. You can also use references to hair in generals like the eyelashes and the eyebrows and explain to them how the hair protects their body against any sort of extrusion.

So we cannot instil the feeling of being appearance conscious in children at this stage when they are living their life carefree children tend to get carried away easily by people, by advertisements and nowadays in the age of social media also influencers. Every child is special, and every child is unique in his or her way but having good hair makes your child look good and also instils in him/her a sense of responsibility. But not many parents know that hair problem also tend to affect children below the age of 10. To make it easy let us understand in brief what the hair problems affecting children.



  1. TELOGEN EFFLIUM –  Telogen effluvium is usually identified by using losing 300 hair follicles a day in kids, the reason for telogen effluvium could be many but one of the main reasons is high fever, stressful event or an injury. Telogen effluvium is worthy of treating itself hence it is not much of concern or worry. 
  2. TINEA CAPITIS – Tinea capitis is when fungus enters the child’s body tinea capitis is characterized by fungal growth on the child’s hair it can also affect the child’s eyebrows and eyelashes. One of the doctors specializing in Hair Transplant in Vizag explained “ I have often come across parents coming and enquiring about the cost of hair transplant in Vizag, the best hair doctor in the city etc, but we need to understand that transplant is not the answer to all the problems hence it clearly states a lack of education”. 
  3. TRICHILLITOMANIA – This particular hair problem in children is a little scary, they might get a sense of relief, or the major causes of this are when the child is extremely under stress or there is some kind of an irritation happening in the scalp, this when parents need to check for lice or knits in the child’s hair and also be there for their children, pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0