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The market of Herbal supplements is estimated to be around in millions. Every second day on social media platforms, print media and also on television, every company is claiming its products to be naturally based. The end user or the consumer is the one who is at the receiving end. Herbal supplements come in several forms like ointments, oils, creams and even consumable forms like tablets, powders and lozenges. But we are all scared of the majority of two things. One is the medicine’s effectiveness and the second one is the reaction to certain medicines in the form of allergies.

One thing we all fail to understand is that Herbal Supplements are something that is taken additionally to compensate for the lack of nutrients in one’s diet, herbal supplements do not entirely constitute. Let us understand this through means of an example. People in the hilly region often import rock salt from the coastal states in India because the soil in that region lacks Iodine which leads to the swelling of the thyroid gland also known as “Goitre”.

Similarly taking only Shatavari for Breast Milk enhancement without any properly balanced diet will not be of any use to the newbie mother or the nursing child. Thus along with supplements, it is important to maintain a balanced diet to derive the maximum benefit.

But what are the things that one should check for in a herbal supplement before introducing them to one’s own body? Here are a few points that would make an individual’s  decision-making easier.


  1. COMPOSITION: One of the main things to check in Buy Herbal Supplements Online is the composition of the medicine, for example, if somebody is searching for Shatavari tablets for breast milk enhancement online, then we need to chck how much percentage of Shatavari is present in the medicine and how much percentage of additives and chemical preservatives. 
  2. REVIEWS AND RATINGS: The reviews and ratings of the product through word of mouth and through feedback given by colleagues and people around you to have a general understanding of the product. 
  3. THE BRAND MARKET IMAGE: Always try to research the brand through the latest news papers, articles, and unbiased sources to have an idea about the understanding about the credibility of the company, the image overseas and within one’s country etc. 
  4. GOVERNMENT CERTIFICATIONS AND TESTING TAGS: Something that has to do with consumption orally, or through application needs to be clinically tested and verified by certified bodies just the way electrical appliances are tested for their ISI tags. Herbal supplements need to be tested for their certifications and licenses to trade to maintain an adequate level of transparency. 
  5. DOSAGE: The dosage instructions and precautions given at the back of the supplement is what is the most important thing while administering a new medicine into the body, many people often forego this and hence have to face consequences., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0