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confluence software

About Confluence 

Confluence is well known as a project management software in the market. The software has features that allow teams to connect virtually and collaborate on work-related projects. From planning a project to finally executing it; Confluence software has the ability to help you do it all! In the current situation with the pandemic, a lot of workplaces saw that they had to allow employees to work remotely and software like Confluence software allows you to do it much more easily than you would have imagined! 

In this piece, we will be telling you everything you need to know about Confluence software so that you can make a decision about it. This software has a myriad of features that might make it an ideal choice for you. Keep reading to learn more about whether or not this software is the right call for you and your needs! 

Confluence Features 

Templates for your Ease 

If you are thinking about how Confluence software can make your life easier then this feature will greatly please you. Confluence has a template feature that allows you to browse and choose from a variety of templates on which one you would like to start planning your project. These templates help make project planning and management so much easier since they give you a roadmap of what you need to do and what data you need to input to ensure your project has all the elements it needs to succeed. This helps you make things so much easier as you can hit the ground running and populate the template with project details instead of having to worry about how to format your template. 

Comments Features 

The comment features in Confluence software allow the team to be on the same page and share ideas much more efficiently than before. This feature allows users to leave comments on templates, shared files, and more. This means that you can give feedback, ideas, notes, and more to your teammates on the task itself instead of having to separately message them and specify what task you are talking about. Being able to see comments and feedback within the post helps you out quite a bit!


The analytics feature is often talked about in a lot of Confluence reviews by users. The feature allows you to get accurate timelines for when a project can be expected to be completed. This feature lets you see what amount of work has been done and what amount of work is now left. This helps you make your timeline more accurate and keep your team and any third-party clients satisfied in knowing when they can expect certain tasks or entire projects to be handed in! 


The notifications feature which comes with Confluence is also great. This software sends notifications to users who are in your team and need to be notified about something. Whether it is to automatically remind them of a deadline, meeting, or update. Or when someone from the team or upper management tags them in a comment they need to acknowledge. All in all, this helps out quite a lot because it means you are able to really not only keep everyone on the same page but also keep everyone updated and alert on when they might be needed. 

Version History 

Another great Confluence software feature according to several reviews on the internet is the version history feature which helps teams out quite a lot especially when a great deal of collaboration is involved. This feature lets you keep track of what changes were made, by whom, and when. Having access to all versions of a shared document or project allows the team to be on the same page as to what changes were made. This allows teams to go back and forth and be able to go back to previous versions if need be! All in all, this is a very helpful feature! 

Confluence Pricing 

In terms of Confluence pricing, the software is not as expensive as some other options on the market. The starting price for the software starts at about $10 and can go up to $30. The amount you pay depends on the features in the software you would ideally want. You are also able to choose a version that will be within your budget and more. 

Is Confluence Right for You

Now that we have told you everything there is to possibly know about Confluence software, you are probably wondering whether or not you should invest in it. Well, we cannot make this decision for you but we can perhaps help you in coming to your own conclusion about it. 

We suggest that you reach out to the vendor and request a Confluence demo or trial and see whether or not the software is worth your time after using it firsthand on your own. We also suggest that you read as many Confluence reviews as you can online since customer and user reviews are a very accurate way for you to be able to know whether the software is good or not! 

Other than that, we suggest that you determine whether or not Confluence is right for you by comparing the features the software has to your needs as a business. All in all, we are sure you will be able to easily determine whether the software is right for you or not! We hope whatever decision you make; whether to get confluence or not is for the better., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0