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Super Nintendo X is a video game developed by Nintendo. Up to five players can play at the same time on the Cube video game device. At any time, you can play multiplayer games with your family or friends. For most internet gamers, having all of their old games on one platform is a game changer. With a plethora of exciting games to pick from, you can have all the fun you’ve ever wanted and longed for.

List of games for the Super Console X

The super console X comes with 50,000 games and is ready to play right out of the box. It also comes with a power brick. Additional USB and wireless controllers can be connected to the power brick. You may play games from a variety of emulated systems on this device. There are also instructions on how to set it up in the form of a collection of instruction manual recommendations. Two controllers are also included in the kit. When you first turn it on, you’ll see the main screen, which shows you what kind of emulation is happening and how it’s happening on the retro console.

There are various consoles on which you can play, like:

  • Sega turbo graphics
  • Playstation
  • PSP
  • Genesis Master System
  • He Boy Colour,
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Game Boy Gear

Super Console X Pro Best Games

The super console x pro includes about 50 000 games spread across 80 emulators, including PSP, N64, Game Boy advance, and much more. The soc (system on chip) in this device runs at a slightly faster clock speed than the non-pro version. This device, too, runs Android. The box includes wireless controllers, a fairly standard Android TV box from a control, a USB hub to add two additional controllers, a power adapter, and a standard HDMI cable.

  • Amiga 1000+ games
  • Arcade classics
  • Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, 800 and more on Atari games
  • Famicom Disk System
  • Nintendo Gamewatch
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Game boy Color, N64
  • Sega Genesis, sega drive, mega drive
  • Mame
  • Neo Geo pocket, pocket Color and many more games to enjoy

Super Console X Cube vs Pro

Although both boxes look to be extremely identical, it is believed that the Super Console X Pro has undergone certain alterations. You can identify whether it’s a super console x or x Pro based on the briefing and the box’s name. The compatibility is the same when plugged in. When comparing the pro and ordinary boxes, you could be unsure which size version you’ll get. One of the primary distinctions between the two boxes is the size. The larger the box, the more emulators it has.

Super console X                                         Super Console X Pro

Chip – S905M                                                             Chip: S905X

CPU – Quad Core A53                                                CPU: ARM Cortex A53

GPU- 5 Core Mali-450                                                1.5Ghz Quad Core

RAM – 1gb                                                                  GPU: Mali 450 Quad Core

Wifi and RJ45 Ethernet                                              RAM: 1gb DDR3

2x USB 2.0 Ports                                                        Onboard Memory: 8gb eMMC / Emu Elec 3.9 Android

Super Console X Pro 256gb

This box is comparable to the x pro box, with the exception that it contains 256GB of storage space. The Super Console, SD card, Game Controller, HDMI cable, and power adapter are all included in the box. One of the best consoles is the Super Console X Pro. Having this machine with a 256GB card also means that you have a card that is totally filled, which means that when you download an update file or even some artwork to use as a background, it will be jammed and you won’t be able to do anything because there isn’t enough capacity. You can pull your card out and plug it into your laptop if you want to play with it, but you won’t be able to add anything because it’s already load with games.

Review of the Super Console X

The Super Console X features excellent emulation, excellent audio quality, and a large selection of games, according to the majority of internet gamers. The box, in its current state, is both inexpensive and practical. The purchase of the plug-and-play box was without regret. Everything has already been done for you in terms of loading the game. Although many players are unsatisfied with the box’s and controller’s quality. They say the box and controller are of low quality, despite the fact that the box is compact and contains fantastic games.

6 GB Super Console X Pro Game List

This box, according to many online gamers, is a game changer because buying retro games separately and all those Nintendo games can be quite expensive, but having a system that has all the games that you loved and missed during your childhood is quite affordable, and also in terms of pricing, having a plug and play system like this and having all your favourite games available is quite reasonable. This box is identical to the Super Console X pro 256GB version. The card has a lot of games on it, but you can’t add any more because it’s already pack with games like Game Boy and , Game Gear, N64, Mame, and many others.

Retro Game Console Pro Super Console X

The Super Console X Pro is a new vintage gaming system that comes with a variety of games to play. The games are already installed, saving you the time and of needing  to do so. Nintendo, n64, Game Boy Color, and a slew of other classic games are all included in the box. 2 wireless controllers with a remote controller are include as a bonus. All of your childhood games are brought back to you with this retro game console, and you will be able to play them for generations to come. The box is little, but it contains roughly 50 000 games that will blast your gaming mind.








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