What do you get when you combine an engaging video with interactive features that complement the content? You get an interactive video that will keep your audience captivated, encourage them to continue viewing your content, and prompt them to take an action that benefits you or your business. So how can you create this type of engaging interactive video? The following steps will help you get started on creating the most engaging interactive videos possible!

The Basics

Interactive videos are on the rise and can be a great way to engage your audience. They take more time, money, and manpower to produce than a standard video, but they have the potential to go viral in ways other content cannot.

It’s important for interactive videos to complement the subject matter of your content. Cinema8 is a cinema graph-making app that allows you to combine beautiful imagery with sound and movement effects in order to create compelling interactive videos.


Content Marketing is key to the success of any company and it’s important to find ways to create content that is engaging for the viewer. Cinema8 is a new video-sharing app with a twist: you control what happens in the video, from one scene to the next. With this new technology, video creators are able to engage viewers by allowing them decide how the story unfolds. This interactive process keeps users engaged and watching longer because they feel like they’re in control of where the story goes and how it ends. This innovative idea not only helps companies create more engaging content but allows them to do so on a budget, as well!

Shot list and storyboarding

  • Title: How to Create an Engaging Interactive Video
  • A person looking confused with a question mark over their head.
  • A close up of the keyboard while typing.
  • Title and logo appear on the screen.
  • An animated intro clip appears on the screen with text overlaying explaining what will be covered in this video.
  • A hand typing on a keyboard, inserting footage of a laptop showing different programming languages such as HTML and CSS. After finishing, another clip is inserted with footage of a laptop showing different types of interactive videos like those from Cinema8.

Production planning

  • Determine the best type of video for your content
  • Choose a topic for your video
  • Brainstorm potential interactive elements to include in the video
  • Create a script that includes all interactive elements
  • Identify sound effects and music to use in the video’s background
  • Upload a recording of the voice-over narration into a digital audio workstation (DAW) with at least two different vocal takes, one which is more conversational and one which is more instructional, with some overlap between the two takes so you have backup vocals in case one track becomes unusable in post-production
Shoot day

The goal of this shoot day is to demonstrate how to create a video content. We’ll be shooting the video on two cameras and then editing it together in post-production. One camera will capture the presenter, while another will capture the audience’s reactions. To begin with, we need to set up the stage for our presenter. We’ll put a large screen behind them so they can see themselves, as well as place five chairs in front of them at varying distances so people can sit at any chair without being too close or too far away from the screen.

Editing day (interactive element)

Once you have the video edited and ready, upload it to a video sharing site. This can be YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. If you don’t have the budget for a professional video editor, YouTube is free and has editing features like cutting and cropping a video. You can also edit videos on Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Mac if you have these programs on your computer.

Final thoughts

A video is one of the best ways to reach people, but there are many different styles and formats. It’s important to find what works for you because each style has its own advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to video content, it’s not always about the production quality or the beautiful visuals. A video can be amazing if it’s engaging and presents facts in a way that is easy to understand. The key here is to focus on making something interactive.

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