Material guideless for custom game boxes:

1. Cardboard and kraft material boxes:

You can use kraft material boxes for tiny game parts packaging. Also, for small and lightweight product packaging. Both are available in the brown shade in natural form. But they are easy to print in any shade and are designed for customization.

2. Corrugated material:

The corrugated material boxes can easily secure heavy-weight, oversized gaming parts, and products. You can add flutes in them to increase durability, according to the product requirement.

Moreover, the corrugated material boxes can also be used to ship bundles of game boxes.

3. Rigid material:

The rigid material boxes are ideally durable to provide 100% protection to the gaming parts. But they are costly at the same time. You must use rigid material boxes to break the limelight if you want exclusive promotional packaging.

Prefer eco-friendly packaging for nature protection:

We all know how the planet is affected day by day by using non-eco-friendly materials for packaging. Being a responsible citizen, you can take the initiative in nature protection by skipping non-environment-friendly material from your life. Besides it, you can use eco-friendly cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and rigid material boxes for games packaging. All of these are 100% recyclable and not harmful to nature.

Further, eco-friendly material usage can also help to improve your brand image.

Make the custom games boxes two times more durable with laminations and coatings:

Do you want 100% unbeatable durability for game boxes? And want to protect the game box from getting wrinkled, torn, and crumbled with time? For long-term storage. Then provide them an extra layer of protection with lamination or coatings.

Besides increasing the box’s durability for long-term use, the laminations and coating have other benefits too. Here are few

  • The lamination and coatings seal the printed surface. With that, the printed ink does not spread and fade due to UV rays, etc.
  • The laminations and coatings intensify the box’s appearance. Due to that, the custom box looks two times more attractive and pretty.
  • The laminations and coatings protect the box surface from environmental factors like air, humidity, etc. Also, scratches, smudges, and fingerprints look so odd on the box surface.
  • The lamination and coatings are also helpful for smoothing the box surface.

Lamination and coating options for custom game boxes:

1. Matte lamination:

You can use matte lamination for dark shades like black, blue, red, etc., and game boxes. Because it balances the darker shades due to its luster properties. Also, it gives a natural matte look so elegant and decent.

2. Gloss lamination:

We recommend gloss lamination if the custom game box consists of funky shades like pink, orange, yellow, etc. Thus, gloss lamination intensifies the vibrancy of the shade due to its shiny properties. Due to that, the box surface looks so sheeny and graceful apparently.

3. Aqueous coating:

The aqueous coating is a solvent-based coating and is applied through heating. It gives a matte, gloss, and satin soft touch. Also, it is 100% environmentally friendly, but gloss and matte laminations are not.

Personalize custom game boxes with 3D images and designs:

Do you want to impress buyers with customization? They choose elegant designs and images for the game box customization. You can choose the box design and color it yourself. Or if you have any ideas and designs in your mind, just instruct iCustomBoxes designing experts to them. They will design it according to the instructions.

Moreover, you can take advice from our design experts too. If you are new to customization. And want an idea about customization and product quality etc. We can assist you by sending a raw sampling kit. In that kit, we send a few boxes relevant to your product and given specifications.

Get perfect prints with iCustomBoxes first-rate printing methods:

The right choice in printing can save the whole packaging game. Thus, the printed design looks so add and bad this way. But you don’t need to worry about that with iCustomBoxes. We have advanced and first-class printing methods for printing purposes.  Our machines are examined every week and month to check their quality.

Moreover, we have specified a team to ensure that you get accurately printed boxes. If they feel any design is uneven, they skip that from the order. Here are the printing method options:

  1. Offset printing method (preferable for bulk quantity orders)
  2. Digital printing method (preferable for short-run orders)
  3. Off-screening printing method (old but reliable for perfect results)

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