Custom Hemp Oil Boxes

Whenever you plan to shop and visit a shop, what tells you about a specific product very first? The packaging of that product.

Yes, it’s correct.

Packaging is a gadget that plays a role in casting a first impression on the customers.

We can say the same for custom hemp oil boxes, as it’s designing and modification is our main topic of discussion today.

Why is Customization Important?

First, we need to know why it is essential to customize a box. Why can’t we just simply pack our product in plain brown boxes? Why can’t we save our money?

Well, no doubt you will have to pay extra to personalize your box. But do you know what you will have in return for this investment?

  • You can boost your product engagement with your customers for free.
  • Cast a best positive impression
  • Your engaging box design can optimize your business marketing.
  • Offer your customer a unique and lasting unboxing experience.
  • Distinguish your hemp oils from others on the showcase.
  • Increase your profit and boost sales for free.

Here are so many ways to personalize your hemp packaging boxes. But in this article, we will explain how you can personalize these boxes smartly to win customers’ trust and loyalty.

Custom Hemp Oil Boxes
Custom Hemp Oil Boxes
  1. Use Eco-Friendly Material  

Eco-friendly products are hot in today’s market.

According to a survey in Los Angeles in 2021 by Fast Custom Boxes, 74% people went with Ecofriendly boxes instead of highly customized boxes.

Then we realize it doesn’t matter if a box is even not highly customized. If it is ecological, people will buy your product like a hot cake.

In this regard, you should not forget to imprint an environment-friendly symbol over your box.

Here you can go with Kraft material for it. But if you want to customize your box, we have the best quality stoke paper for your custom-printed hemp oil boxes too.


  1. Custom Windows 

If we are talking about winning customer trust, we need to satisfy him first. He must feel the best quality of your product even inside the packaging.

In this regard, if you like, you can Die-Cut small custom windows over the front board of your box. In this way, they will see the bottle of your oil from inside even without opening it.

You can go with a PVC window. It will keep your bottle clean from the inside and make your boxes unique from the other boxes on the rack.


  1. Power of Thank You Notes

Want to create a lasting customer experience and make your customers feel special for you?

We have a lot of thank you notes for you for it.

Tell the people that you appreciate their trust in your business.

The best ways to handle this kind of note are:

  1. Use best quality material for cards.
  2. It is good to write an original handwritten by yourself.
  3. Your Thank You note must be short and compelling.
  4. Add discount notes and coupons.

These notes make your customer happy even after they open your product. It shows them you take care of them and the quality of your product will absolutely be good.


  1. Work on your Box Design

The design of your custom hemp oil packaging boxes plays a vital role in deciding whether people will select or reject your product. In this regard, you must be aware of all the trendy customizations and tricks that can add value to your box design.

Because no one will be attracted to a boring design. Well, according to most of us, a good design is a highly customized design.

What Good Design Looks Like?

No doubt customization is very important, but here is a difference between a good design and a complicated design.

It will be up to you. You can either make a design complicated or unique. That’s why you have to do it correctly.

You can imprint the box in white and green color. Similarly, keep your box minimal. As it will cut your cost and gives a decent look to your box.

You can laminate your boxes with Matt or Gloss coating for a perfect finish. Similarly, it is a very good idea to emboss or deboss your brand logo with the slogan over these boxes.

All these small things add a big value to your box and hook your target customers to your product.


  1. Promote Business Value

It is important to make custom hemp oil boxes in a way that they can reflect your brand values. Your box must be capable of forming a tangible image of your brand in front of your target buyers. In this regard, you can show:

  • Your environmentally friendly materials for custom boxes.
  • You can imprint the quality ingredients you use while making your hemp oils.
  • Similarly, you can imprint how long it’s been for you in this industry.
  • You can tell the special features of your oils people.

In short, your box will be a silent speaker of your product there on the rack. You can take advantage of these boxes and talk to the people and tell them what you are without being over there. Was that doable if you pack oils in simple brown boxes?



Here I will sum up by saying that it is in your hand how many people you can add in your customer cycle. To do so, you must be smart and knowledgeable about your custom hemp oil boxes.

You can make them in eco-friendly boxes. Similarly, add special thank you cards to impress your customers. Always avoid complicated templates and designs as it will only increase your packaging cost, not your sales.

Make your packaging a true reflector of your brand values. Work on the design of your custom packaging boxes first. If you don’t know how to design these boxes, you can also visit Fast Custom Boxes.

We have online tools that you can use and design your box yourself without any problem. Our designers will be glad to work with you in making your custom printed boxes design unique and classy.

Moreover, if you will visit our website from this page, you can get 10% special discount on wholesale orders. Looking forward to working with you 🙂

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