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The stationary stores are full of custom pen boxes. We are aware that jillions of pens are teeming in the market. And they differ significantly in color, size, and shape. Whether you enjoy writing with gel, ball, or marker pen, you will always find one at the shop.

But sometimes, the customers get puzzled and cannot pick their favorite pen. Well, there are multiple reasons for this mess.

  1. Blank pen boxes
  2. Misprinted and misleading information
  3. All the packaging looks alike (no innovation or original designs)
  4. Absence of relevant images and product details
  5. No mention of the price tags
  6. The boxes do not mention the pen’s brand name, type, or quantity.

Therefore if you order wholesale pen boxes, go for ICustomBoxes. It is best if you are a manufacturer or own a stationary center. We promise your sales to go through the roof with our remarkable quality and box styles.

What Are The Cons Of Ordering Wholesale Pen Boxes? Is It Worth Purchasing?

Mostly the brands rant about their low budget, yet they hunt for top-notch packaging. Is that even possible in the dog-eat-dog world?

Welcome to the promising land of ICustomBoxes. We offer out-of-the-world packaging services to our valuable clients

  • Wholesale production of custom pen box packaging
  • Special deals and discounts
  • Free design support
  • Free shipment
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Quick turnaround
  • No die cut or plate charges
  • Stunning collection of box styles
  • Reliable money transfer channel
  • Friendly, expert, and accommodating team members
  • Professional customer agents
  • 100% money payback for damaged pen packaging

In a nutshell, our customized packaging attracts the customers like a magnet. The truth is we never compromise on the essence of the packaging. Our quality assurance team ensures that the boxes’ printing, paper material, style, and size are perfect. Trust us; we move heaven and earth in satisfying the clients.

What Box Styles Are Available For Packing, Shipping, And Dropping The Magical Pens?

Customized packaging is poles apart from standard packaging. Instead of following the old rule of one size box for all, we believe that each product requires a distinct box.

Since the structural design of the pen is sleek and crisp, it is unfair to pack it in an oversized box.

Thus, high-quality custom pen boxes are a must-have to save the delicate structure of the pen.

  • Two-piece box
  • Tray and sleeve packaging
  • Reverse tuck end style
  • Pen boxes with window
  • Countertop display boxes
  • Tuck front box
  • Rigid box with magnetic closure

Our clients are free to go with any box style of their choice. Bonus point: all the boxes offer the utmost protection- no chance of box or product damage!

How Do Customized Inserts Give The Custom Pen Packaging An Exclusive And Royal Vibe?

How does it feel to open a box with a damaged nib or a cracked fountain pen ink cartridge? It is awful and disappointing in so many different ways.

  1. It hurts the customers and ruins their unboxing venture
  2. It damages the brand’s credence and repute in unimaginable ways
  3. Hit badly hits the sales graph and brands popularity
  4. It turns the buyers into harmful marketing agents
  5. It gives you a chance for rivals to exploit your weak points

Yeah, we know that’s a lot! And the main culprit for this damage is the absence of custom inserts.

How Does The Hot Foil Stamping Technique Determine The Success Ratio Of The Newbies And OG Brands?

As the name implies, the hot foil stamping technique consists of high pressure, heat, and metallic foil. It is perfect for dark-colored boxes and creates unique textures and colors.

The gold and silver metallic foil permanently fixes onto the box surface due to high heat and pressure. Undoubtedly it amps up the grace and exclusivity of the boxes to the next level. Hence it is the most popular and best technique for decorating boxes.

Cardboard pen boxes wholesale with foil stamping give a million-dollar look to the writing instrument. Therefore slight to large-scale brands can maximize their business potential with this method.

  • It gives a posh and tempting vibe to your brand.
  • The company acquires a respectable position in the cutthroat market
  • Exclusive packaging quickly makes its way to the customer’s heart
  • The ideal strategy for winning the best shelf placement
  • Encourages the peer to improve their packaging standards

Lastly, if you are hunting down the best custom box manufacturer across USA and Canada, ICustomBoxes is the best!, pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0