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Getting blocked drains is a common household issue that often causes unnecessary stress. Clogged drains usually happen in moments when house owners least anticipate it and even while they are doing the usual tasks, like washing dishes or taking a bath. It can be annoying, and you might want to get a drain cleaner from the nearest store immediately. You do not need to go through too much trouble to fix your blocked drain. There is a home remedy for clogged drains, and it is surprisingly simple. You can even find the materials in your kitchen—some of the natural ways that help in opening the blocked drains.  

Boiling Water

Soap and grease can often be the reason for blocked drains in your kitchen and bathrooms. Its residues tend to twig in the coating until it thickens. Fortunately, a practical home ready for clogged drains with this problem is simply pouring boiling water. Now fill any big vessel, pot, or any other thing with water and boil it. When running, do it gradually until the water drains fast and smoothly. Moreover, you can contact Melbourne Plumbing Co that is proficient in opening blocked drains Maribyrnong, if the problem is severe.

Baking Soda and Salt

Pour a half cup of baking soda and half a cup of salt into the drain. Leave the mixture for about fifteen minutes. Transfer boiling water to wash out the mix. This homemade drain cleaner develops an aggressive chemical reaction that eliminates tougher drain filth.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This method is old but effective; effective soda and vinegar still prove to be an efficient home remedy for blocked drains. Blended cup of vinegar with one-third cup of baking soda. Slowly pour the mixture into the drain and let it sit for an hour. Wash with hot water afterward. This mixture dissolves grease, soap, and food residue and avoids foul odor. In case when you are unsuccessful in opening the blocked drain Kensington, the Melbourne Plumbing Co can help you.

Blend it all up

Develop your homemade drain cleaner by combining all the ingredients mentioned above. This is one means to raise the chemical strength of this natural drain cleaner. Blend one-third cup of salt and baking soda each, then add one-third cup of white vinegar. Transfer the mix to the drain and leave it for an hour. Wash the entire mixture with boiling water.


With just two packages of yeast, you can seek out the blocked drain Essendon problem. First, let the yeast stream down the drain. Transfer a half cup of salt and a cup of boiling water. Leave the mixture for 45 minutes and wash with another cup of hot water.

Wire Hangers

You can utilize one of your wire hangers when dealing with solid clogs on your drain. Observe the method as something exactly to  fishing. Bend and twist the hook of your wire hanger to make it suitable for the drain. Lesser your hook and observe if you can get the blocks out.

Liquid Dishwashing Soap

The residues of grease or soap may have been the cause, but a liquid dishwashing soap can also be a house remedy for blocked drains Maribyrnong Plumbers. Pour a lot of liquid dishwashing soap into the drain, followed by boiling water. It does not eliminate the grease but also evades the bad smell.

Pipe Relining

When your pipes are damaged because of an extended blockage, pipe relining is an efficient and effective alternative to the entire replacement of the pipe. We utilize flexible tools and resin to reline the pipe after we have eliminated the aberrant blockage. Blocked drains happen for a lot of purposes. While some are apparent, others you may not even consider. Try utilizing some suggested house remedies when you notice tell-tale signs such as babbling noises, slow draining, and foul smell. If they do not work, it is time to call on a plumber.


Excavation is required in cases of severe drain blockages. Digging must be done around the drain in order to replace or repair some of the pipework. Although this method isn’t always required, it can prevent serious damage to the rest of your pipework.

Hydro jets

Hydro jets use powerful and precise bursts of water to flush out particles and other materials from pipes. Even though we occasionally need to combine this method with other drain obstruction removal techniques, it is a reliable way to solve most issues.


 Plungers are a straightforward but efficient tool for removing minor blockages. They function by creating a seal around the plug hole and creating a vacuum effect to clear the obstruction.


CCTV can be used to locate the clog and determine its extent when snaking is ineffective. This typically entails inserting a camera and a device resembling a drain snake. After that, we determine the clog’s severity and create a strategy for clearing Blocked Drains Maribyrnong.

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