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Google won’t index you site? This is not a problem. Google may not be able to index web pages due to a variety of issues. This article covers 10 of these.
We have the answers you need, whether you are looking for information on how to make your site mobile-friendly or complex indexing issues.

These are the common issues that can be fixed so Google can index your pages again.

You don’t need a domain name

Google will not index your website if you do not have a domain. You could also be using an incorrect URL or not setting up WordPress correctly.

There are simple solutions if this is what you are experiencing.

You should check whether your web address begins with “https://XXX.XXX …””. This means someone could be entering an IP address and being redirected to your site instead of a domain.

Your IP address redirection might not be correctly configured.

This issue can be fixed by adding 301 redirects to pages on the WWW back to their domains. We want people to be directed to your domain name if they search for [yoursitehere]

It is important that you have a domain. If you want to rank high on Google and remain competitive, this is a must.

Your Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Google has introduced Mobile-First indexing, so it is crucial that your website be mobile-friendly.

Your website’s content is great, but if it’s not optimized to be viewed on a tablet or smartphone, you will lose traffic and rankings.

Mobile optimization does not have to be complicated. Simply adding responsive design principles such as fluid grids or CSS Media Queries can make sure users find what they are looking for without any navigation issues.

This issue can be solved by running your website through Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool.

You will need to work hard to make your website mobile-friendly if you don’t receive a “passed viewing”.

Google is unable to understand your use of a coding language.

Google will not index your site if it is written in complex coding languages. It doesn’t really matter what language you use – it can be old or updated like JavaScript – so long as your settings are not incorrect and cause crawling or indexing problems. Visit Us for more info. digital marketing agency birmingham.

This is an issue for some people. I suggest that you run through Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool to determine how mobile-friendly your website is and to make any necessary fixes.

They offer a wealth of resources that will help you design a responsive website if your website doesn’t meet their standards.

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Your site loads slowly

Google will not feature slow-loading websites in their top results. It could be many factors that your site takes so long to load.

You could also be using a slow-running server or too many pages.

Your Site Has Minimal Well-Written Content

Google is a search engine that rewards content writers who write well-written content. You may not be able to break the top 50 if you have very little content.

We have found that content less than 1000 words is not as effective as content greater than 1,000 words.

Are you a content writer company? We are not. Does word count have any ranking factors? No.

However, it is crucial to ensure that your content is written well when you are judging what to do within the context of the competition.

Your site’s content must be informative and good quality. Your site should answer questions, give information, or offer a viewpoint that is different from other sites in your niche.

Google will most likely find another website that meets these standards if it does not meet them.

You might be wondering why your website doesn’t rank highly in Google search results when you follow SEO best practices such as adding keywords throughout the text (Hint : Your Content). Thin pages could be one reason.

Indexing problems can be caused by thin pages that don’t have enough unique content or aren’t at the same quality as your competitors.

Your site is not user-friendly and engaging to visitors

Good SEO requires a friendly and engaging website. Google will rank your website higher in search results if it is easy for visitors find what they are looking for.(digital marketing agency birmingham)

Google doesn’t want its users to spend too much time on pages that take forever to load, have confusing navigation or are just too difficult to use due to too many distractions (like the ads above).

Google may not rank your content well if you have only one product per category. Not only should you target keywords in each post, but it is also important to ensure that related posts link back and refer to other articles/pages about the topic.

Do people like sharing your blog? Is your content captivating readers? Google may have stopped indexing your website if this is the case.

It is possible that a link to a product page is being linked directly by someone who does not use relative keywords such as “buy”, “purchase”, etc. This could indicate that something is wrong with how other pages are linking back to the product.

So that users are able to make purchases quickly and without needing to navigate complicated linking hierarchies, ensure that all product pages on category pages include products within the respective sub-categories.

There is a Redirect Loop

Redirect loops, another problem that can prevent indexing, are another. These problems are usually caused by common typos and can be fixed using the following steps.

Locate the page that’s causing the redirect loop. Use WordPress to find HTML source for one of your posts. It is worth the effort to fix any 302 redirects, and ensure they are set to URL 301.

To search for the problem, use “find” in Windows Explorer or Command + F on Mac.

Correct any typos to ensure there aren’t duplicate URL addresses pointing back at the site. Then use redirection code such as below:

Google Search Console doesn’t always display status codes like 404s. You can search for the status codes of 404s and other errors using an external crawler such as Screaming Frog.

All is well, you can use Google Search Console to crawl the site and submit it for indexing. If there are any warnings that need to be addressed, wait a week before you check back with Google Search Console.

Google doesn’t have the time to update their indexes daily, but they do make every effort every few hours. This means that sometimes your content might not appear immediately even though it has been updated. Be patient! It should be indexed quickly enough.(digital marketing agency birmingham)

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