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Web three, also known as the third-generation internet, is a vision that gives more power to users than large tech companies such as Amazon and Google. It was built with existing infrastructure and blockchains.

Let’s go down memory lane and learn more.

In the late 1990s, the first internet version was made available to the public. It was simpler than the internet today. It used simple fonts and had gray buttons, blue hyperlinks, basic fonts, and basic fonts. This is an excellent example of how a website can load today, stripped down to HTML.

In 2005, it was renamed Web 2. This phase allowed consumers to access blogs and social media content like never before.

The internet has changed how businesses market to customers online. Consumers are now more concerned about privacy and have less confidence in brands handling their personal data.

The FTC has created some guidelines for privacy, but consumers should still be cautious.

The evolution of Amazon is evident. Amazon is now a technology conglomerate that specializes in cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce.

This is a common fear for many people. Web3 can assist you in this.

The new internet version will enable consumers to manage their own tech platforms, and not rely upon large tech companies.

It works like this. Through cryptocurrency (also known as tokens or blockchains). Tokens are, in essence, a part of the blockchain. You have more control over the network and its direction if you own more tokens.

Digital marketing agency Birmingham interactions are facilitated by tokens every day. This covers everything, from digital art and events to gaming and social media. Critics claim that this is a thin attempt to decentralize power. The money-rich would retain control.

digital marketing company birmingham

How Web3 Could Impact Marketers

Limited Access to User Data

Web3 could mean greater privacy for users in the short term. The data they collect from users can be used by companies to make money. You can either use the data to inform your marketing strategies or sell it to third parties.

web3 advocates believe that consumers should have a greater say in the use of their data. Because of its enormous value, this is why web3 advocates believe that it should be more accessible to consumers.

Will it make it more difficult for marketers to collect consumer information? Possibly. This would mean that marketers need to be more transparent about data collection and use, as well as find creative ways to reach their target audiences.

Community-focused approaches

Web3 is about giving power back to the consumer. The idea is to encourage consumers to promote the ideas they are passionate about rather than sit on the sidelines. This shift will require marketers to be more focused on creating strong communities. Trust in brands and data use increases. This will make it more important for marketers to build strong communities. For more information about Web 3, contact digital marketing agency Birmingham.

More on Content creators

Content creators feel restricted by the platforms they use to publish. They are limited in what they can publish and have very little earning potential. Web3 would give them complete autonomy.

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