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At the start of each year, marketers start to focus on Digital Strategy. Why? Well, the reason is simple,  digital marketing has never been as important as it is now. And not just that. The digital environment has never been as dynamic as it is today. So, in the New Year, your digital strategy is crucial in more ways than one.  

Having a Digital Footprint Is Important  

If your company or brand already has a digital footprint, you should be reaping all the benefits of digital marketing. But what does having a digital footprint mean? Well, it simply means that if someone searches for you on Google, you should appear in the search results. For instance, if someone searches for Spectrum bill pay number on the search engine, the person will get the result in an instant. The same should also happen for your business.  

Of course, if your brand isn’t quite there yet, no worries. This article will be of benefit to you. Surely your company or brand is going to need a unique digital strategy. And the goal here is to guide you along the way. So, read on! 

5 Do’s to Beef Up Your Digital Strategy in 2022 

It doesn’t matter if you are marketing a new brand or further developing an existing one; your digital strategy needs to be proactive. If you think marketing in the digital space was crazy three years ago, it’s insane now. But here is how you can have a winning strategy in 2022: 

1. Social Platforms and Engagement 

Having things to rely on during these dynamic times is a relief. You can always rely on your social media strategy to remain important. Social Media has changed a lot over the past couple of years. There are more social platforms being used than ever before. Thus, a brand trying to engage needs to be in these spaces.  

The more you share and engage on social platforms, the more credibility you gain. Therefore it’s best to invest in social media not just with regular ads but also with content. A good social media content strategy can make all the difference. When creating content for your business, your audience is the key. Therefore your content needs to resonate with your audience.  

3. Personalization 

Personalization in the digital marketing space has become really important. The good thing about personalization is that you can apply it in a number of ways. For instance, if you are running an online store, you can add personalization by giving offering features like product recommendations. 

The majority of shoppers engage better if they receive personalized content and offers. Simply put, you can increase your traffic and sales by engaging better with customers. Offering personalized content shows that you understand and acknowledge your audience. And they are more likely to respond to personalized promotions.  

4. Go Live! 

Most Social Media platforms have had ‘Live’ features for a while. The number of brands and businesses utilizing this feature is on the rise. It is expected to grow further in 2022. Now, try to incorporate this into your digital strategy whenever possible. But being effective with it isn’t easy. You need to understand your audience and plan accordingly.  

This is also a good way to get creative. You can use the ‘live’ tool to host all kinds of events like Webinars, demonstrations, promotional events, Q&A sessions. Effective ‘live’ events can have an immediate engagement from potential customers.  

5. Voice Search Optimization 

If you analyze digital trends, it’s obvious that they’re heading towards smart technology. Therefore, it becomes crucial for companies to adapt. Optimizing your digital footprint for voice searches is pivotal. If you haven’t already done so, you need to start. It is no secret that the demand for smart speakers is on the rise. In some cities, it is expected that nearly 55% of households will have smart speakers by 2022.  

You might think that optimizing for voice search is difficult. Or that it’s expensive. But it’s not. It’s very simple. Instead of optimizing for keywords based on what someone might type, use conversational speech. Hence, your keywords could be “Which is the best cat food,” rather than “Best cat food 2022”. 

Another easy way to optimize for voice search is to change your content. Change the tone of the articles on your website blog. Give them a more conversational tone. Voice search recognizes conversational tones and categorizes your articles higher.  

6. Interactive Content 

Content is King has been true for a long time now. Even more so now, with the introduction of interactive content. You have seen them around on social media posts and banner ads. Interactive content is a tremendous tool to engage your audience.  

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