With time, long texts and messages are getting shorter and shorter and abbreviations are used to explain the current mood. Instead of writing a statement to respond to any question, people prefer using emojis to depict their reactions and views on the scenario.

Below listed are a few instances where jewellery designs and crafts are symbolizing different emojis of people-

  • The laughing emoji– The most commonly and widely used emoji in conversations, the laughing emoji depicts a person who is brimming with positivity in every situation and is a carefree, easy to go person. A person who is full of positivity is bubbly and pleases every person with his/her optimistic views on everything. A gold/diamond pendant can be the jewel set that matches the laughing emoji. A pendant is easy to carry and is preferred by people because of the feeling of comfort and relief when one adorns it.
  •  The heart emoji– One uses the heart emoji to depict his/her pure feelings to someone special. The heart emoji is a rarely found emoji and depicts the intense feelings and enthusiasm of the sender. A diamond pendant can be the best jewellery piece that depicts the heart emoji. Diamonds are precious and are often gifted to someone special. A beautifully crafted diamond pendant can be the best way to surprise your loved ones and let them know what place they hold in your heart. Diamond hanging earrings also match the heart emoji. 
  •  Designer diamond earrings can be paired with any attire and carry the strong feeling of being in love and being loved by someone.
  •  The sparkle emoji– The sparkle emoji possesses a unique lustre that can impress anyone. The sparkle emoji also carries a chic and magical feeling of being out of the ordinary. Diamond is one such element that creates a magical feeling through its radiance and glint. It symbolizes magnificence, purity and everything that’s a class apart. Glossy diamond rings and tiny studs are elegant and create a different aura.
  •  Party emojis– Preparing for a party means one should look glittery, energetic and bubbling with joy and madness. Diamond earrings moulded in different shapes and sizes are perfect to wear at any party. May it be heart-shaped earrings or diamond earrings with a solitaire touch, wearing a diamond is itself the epitome of confidence and style. Twisted earrings and Stella cut diamonds have an eccentric and exclusive touch.

Also, the Stella cut diamond earring is mounted with a princess cut diamond. This adds a modern and edgy look.

  •  The Winky emoji– The winky emoji shows that one is in a jolly mood and is full of humour, zeal and zest. It may signal a hidden laugh, flirtation or an unseen meaning to it. These are generally sent by young people to reply to a certain comment or hide a particular feeling from someone. As this emoji is best suitable for youngsters, the jewellery chosen must look glowing and radiant. Diamond hanging earrings or rings embedded with diamonds and coloured stones carry a fresh wind with them.
  •  Nerd face– The nerd face emoji is used to signify being smart and often is used in a positive tone. Nerds are generally cool and carefree so the jewellery designs which match it the most are the quirky earrings. One can accessorize different attires with brightly coloured earrings to give a cool look. Quirky earrings are best for daily wear. 
  •  They are comfortable and easy to wear and can be customized with other accessories like a handbag, different floral fabrics or stylish pairs of footwear. They are lightweight and are generally less expensive. Bohemian multi-coloured hoop earrings or the bright blue enamel hanging earrings can be paired up with daily wear attires. 
  •  One can experiment with the everyday look by wearing contrasting jewellery.

Earrings shaped in floral designs, classic leaves, chic leaves pattern floral navratna and butterfly designs have a separate fan base amongst the modern generation.

The type of emojis used in the conversation and the kind of jewellery worn on different occasions explain a person’s nature and ongoing feelings. With the transformation in technology, the world of emojis is going to take a new leap.

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