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Storefronts are a great source of inspiration for any new home buyer, and visiting them is an important step in the building process. They are spaces where you can touch and feel the finish of your new home and imagine what your dream home will look like. The more prepared you are for this process, the more you will benefit from your visit. That’s why we created this simple guide to easily navigate our show home.

Before your visit


The starting point before visiting any of our display homes in Canberra is to research our designs to ensure you get the most out of our displays. Consider what type of home fits your needs and lifestyle, and which home has the features that best suit those needs. See the homes we display at various locations in South Australia. You can even use the handy 3D Home Tour app to see what our homes really look like before your visit. By doing this research, you will ensure that you know what features to look for when visiting your showroom to determine whether or not they are a must-have for your new home.

Tip! Write down the features you think you might need in your ideal home and take them to the day.

2. Plan your time carefully

Make sure you plan your trip carefully to ensure you have enough time to visit the homes you want to see. First, check Google Maps to see where the home views are relative to one another. It is recommended to spend at least 30 minutes in each home: 20 minutes to see the displays and 10 minutes to ask questions to the building consultant. Don’t make the mistake of dividing too many visits into the same day as this can be overwhelming and you most likely won’t remember much!

Be sure to put our My Choice Design Studio on your list of places to visit. Here you can browse a wide range of products and accessories to see exactly what’s available in your new home. Your eyes will be opened to a world of choices available and the high-quality products used when building with Sunny Homes ACT.

3. Pack essential items

There are a few important things that will come in handy when visiting our exhibition:

  • Smartphone with camera
  • pen and notebook
  • roller
  • Pocket for carrying flyers
  • Plenty of food and water

The camera will come in handy for capturing what you like and don’t like about your home. This will give you a starting point when detailing your floor plan and visualizing what you can change during the design phase. The other essentials will keep you organized to get the most out of your visit and the food and water will keep everyone happy all day long!

During your visit

1. Take lots of notes and photos

There’s so much to discover when you looking Award Winning builders. So be sure to take detailed notes of everything you see and back it up with photos. This way you won’t forget anything you’ve seen and can improve your floor plan design.

Tip! Take photos of furniture and home furnishings to inspire your choices!

2. Keep asking yourself

Spend time in each room and ask yourself the following:

  • Does the design/layout fit your lifestyle and that of your family?
  • Do the rooms flow into each other the way you like?
  • How do you arrange your furniture in the space provided?
  • Can you separate the zones for noise and temperature control?

If you ask yourself these questions while viewing home presentations, you will begin to get a better understanding of what you need from a home and which home will suit your personal tastes.

3. Ask questions to the building consultant

Note that different displays reflect different specifications and inclusions. So make sure you know what each home stands for. Building consultants are there to answer all your questions as you walk through your home, so don’t be afraid to ask them! Talking with them gives you insight into our services and deepens your knowledge of home design, inclusion, and the building process in general. You may want to ask:

  • If you have already purchased land, what housing projects will go with it?
  • What is included in the base price?
  • Which home and property plans are available in your desired area?
  • What promotions are currently available?
  • What is the total cost for each screen housing?
  • What other materials and finishing options are available?

After your visit

1. Check each ad

After you have toured each home, it is a good idea to write down detailed notes of your last thoughts and review them with family or friends while they are still fresh in your mind. This way you don’t run the risk of mixing up the look!

Tip! Evaluate each home based on the needs you are looking for in your home.

2. Make time for a second visit

When you think you’ve decided on the design you want to build, consider visiting a show home or one with the most similar features to confirm your decision.

Happy planning and see you soon!

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