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Every house clearance company operates in a dissimilar way. Most house clearance companies that we are mindful of, center wholly on removing surplus items from a possessions and disposing of them. Not many clearance companies will present a removals service.

This is where, if a customer is moving home, the company clears the property, taking substance the customer’s requirements to keep to the new property. Then they will position of the unwanted items also.

Clear the lot house clearance is really conceited to offer both house clearance and house removal services. But with something a tiny further.

We do house removals with a difference. We still encompass cleaning in our packages, so there is no need to hire an extra company to assist. Check out the below questions to observe how we are so dissimilar from other house removal companies around.

house clearance
Do house clearance companies do house removals

How does the process work?

You just book us for the moving date that you want. We’ll come and start boxing belongings up and labeling them by room in the weeks earlier to hand. Then we’ll remove all on moving day, so you do not require to do a fascination.

 And we’ll also go back to immaculate the possessions!  Our require to make sure you do your research and find out about the company’s people. These are all things you need to examine when researching dissimilar companies.

Not only are we a very specialized and reliable service, but we are also very concerned, empathetic and have a vast amount of experience dealing with responsive projects, such as helping hoarders deciliter.

What happens to substance you want to keep

We reel our removals package over a period of time, so things are not gone pending the last minute. This way, you can see things coming together. From a small number of weeks before, we’ll concur on dates to come in and make boxing and labeling things up, room by room.

house clearance
Do house clearance companies do house removals

When the time comes for the large move, we’ll just come in, blow up everything onto our van, and unpack all boxes in the appropriate room in the new property. This is to make sure they remove waste suitably; you are not faced with any unexpected fines and both parties are enclosed in the occasion of an accident.

This is one of the first questions you should ask a house clearance company and if they cannot answer it, you should keep away from using them. We have an enormous collection of projects that we undertake. They range from full house clearances to working directly with land agents to help their customers with what they need. Whatever your condition, we prove time and time again that we are a house clearance service who can be trusted.

We obtain a group of enquiries about how we can help with full or fractional house clearances etc. So, we consideration we’d outline a list of the most well-liked projects we assume, so you can obtain a feel for what we do.

What happens to items you do not want to keep

All you require to do is let us know the products you don’t want to take with you. We will then section these substance by material or items that can be donated or salvaged. A few removals or clearances are more put than others.

 If you are dealing with clearing a possessions after the loss of a loved one; or you are a collector who wants help decluttering, this requires a particular, more caring move.

We arrogance ourselves on providing the nearly everyone personal, only and caring removals or clearances all through the county and nothing is still too much for us. We by no means take substance to landfill, so will also reprocess, give or up series your extra possessions.

house clearance
Do house clearance companies do house removals

In contrast to tasks such as gardening, cleaning, cutting the grass etc. you could say that most populace are quite inexperienced with moving home; because it is not something they do frequently.

That is said, even if you have had more than the average amount of house go experience (by helping out friends and family over the years), you may realize that you require a calmer and easier process this time. And that is exactly what Clear the lot House Clearance are here for.

What kind of services do you offer

With our house removal deciliter package, we do all the boxing, clearing and moving. We’ll go back to the possessions to dirt free it to an expert standard, so it is ready for its new occupants.

We take a lot of time to make sure all unwanted substance is dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner. Any substance that can be salvaged will be in use to charities or our friends who love to up cycle old products.

 Any substance that cannot be salvaged will be segmented and recycled. So, you can be certain you are not contributing to the ongoing landfill outbreak.

A lot of the time, this clearance may need to be done in a rush, as the relative needs to sell for financial reasons. We’re used to working in these conditions and will always provide a quote where we can get things done efficiently as fast as likely.

We also have a huge amount of experience working with responsive removals or clearances like hoarders and bereaved families. We provide an extremely personal move toward, with moving support; with many of our clients saying we become part of the family for the time we are with them. As well as classic clearances or removals, we also specialize in carrying out clearances for families who have misplaced loved ones and helping hoarder’s deciliter.

We have years of experience in these fields and are incessantly referred by professionals such as estate agents and solicitors.

We have regular reviews from our incredible customers which we hope will assure you that we are a trusted, well-known company who just want to assist others.

house clearance
Do house clearance companies do house removals

Many people do not even understand that companies like us exist, so end up struggling from side to side, trying to obtain everything done themselves. When it comes to a house removal; we are the entire package.

We pack everything, clear it; remove surplus items, move belongings and even go back to clean the property. And we do not accuse a thing pending after the move.

When do I pay

There are no up-front costs with our house removal deciliter package. Full payment can be complete after the scheme is complete or when the house hits completion. Why? Because we appreciate that moving home is demanding and luxurious. So, if you need us to wait until your house completes for payment, we are content to do that.

With whom do you collaborate

We work with so many types of customers. We work with straight customers who are moving home or hoarders, decluttering, bereaved families, companies who are moving premises etc. We also have partnerships with land Agents, Solicitors and additional types of businesses.

We know that companies like Estate Agents favor to refer their customers to companies they know they can faith. That’s why, when it comes to Estate Agents referring customers to a removals company in London, we are always the first option. providing many solutions inside and out of your property. We cater for household and commercial clients across London, Surrey and within the M25 orbital zone. We are the best company to hire for a Garden Clearance.

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