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Book Style Rigid Boxes are the perfect packaging option you can get your hands on. However, designing these boxes can be challenging. There is nothing to worry about and panic about as long as we are around to help you design these boxes correctly. Remember that all it takes is the strategy to ensure you get the perfect design in these styles.

Tips To Follow To Make Book Style Rigid Boxes

Technically you can design just anything if you know the right directions. And we have the directions for you, so nothing goes wrong while you think about creating these boxes.

Use Bookbinding To Improve The Overall Design

Bookbinding is a great way to improve the overall design of your rigid boxes. If you use a box with a standard design, consider using bookbinding to add a little flair and make the beautiful product stand out from the rest.

Bookbinders can also help you create custom sizes for your boxes. Bookbinding allows you to create a unique design that doesn’t rely on any other materials besides stiff cardboard. You can even decorate your binding with text or artwork if you want.

Customized Printing Can Make Your Boxes Attractive.

When you’re a packaging company, it’s not enough to be able to print on your boxes. You must ensure that the result is attractive and appealing to your customers.

Custom printing can help you with your book-style box. Work with designers and take the time to understand what design elements are essential to your brand. Also, ponder how these elements can work with you. And how you can incorporate them in your box designs.

A custom-printed box with a matching design element could be just what your customers want.

Take Care Of The Finishing And Polishing Of Your Boxes.

Custom book boxes are a great way to express your brand’s personality. But they’re also an essential piece of the puzzle regarding shipping. Make sure to take very good care of the finishing and polishing of your rigid boxes. So that they can handle any environment.

If you want to ensure that your boxes look good, consider using a wood-based treatment. Wood will last longer than plastic or metal, and it will help protect the contents from damage during shipping.

Cardboard also has a more natural look than other materials. This makes it a good choice for packaging items. You should also polish the edges of your box with sandpaper before packing rigid packs. So that there are no sharp points where the tape meets the box. This helps reduce any potential damage that could occur during shipping.

Choose High-Quality And Durable Materials For Book Style Rigid Boxes

Always use high-quality material for your rigid boxes. The outside of the box must have cardboard, a durable material. That can withstand many cycles of shipping and storage. It’s also wonderfully lightweight and easy to fold up for shipping purposes.

The box inside needs foam board, which helps protect your items from getting scratched or scuffed during transit. The foam board also helps absorb impact from accidental bumps while in transit.

The sides of the box need to have cardboard to protect against moisture damage. And adds a bit more rigidity to the sides of the box.

Reinforce the gift boxes for bookswith double-sided tape so they won’t tear or come undone when stacked aside or on top of each other during shipping or storage.

Maintain 1500gsm For Your Book Style Rigid Boxes

The ideal thickness of a rigid box is 1500gsm. The reason behind this is that this thickness ensures that the book style rigid boxes are durable and robust. So they can withstand or tolerate any amount of weight or pressure, which is needed to ensure that the box doesn’t break when loaded with books.

Decorate Your Boxes With Embossing And Debossing

Embossing and Debossing are great to add personality to the boxes. Both methods significantly add detail and texture to your box designs. You can create a sense of depth by placing images on both sides of your boxes. Or you can use embossing and debossing to create raised elements within your designs.

Using embossing and debossing, you can make your boxes look like a million bucks.

Make Custom Size Partitions Inside Rigid Boxes.

You need to make custom size partitions inside rigid boxes because you want to use your rigid box as a storage container for heavy items such as appliances or furniture other than books.

You cannot just stack boxes of varying sizes because the weight of each stack would create an imbalance in the system. So it is always a good idea and way to use partitions inside the box to create the perfect balance.

Customers like to know that their products are safe. And they want to know that they will fit into the space available.

Customers will judge your product based on how it looks and fits into the available space. A poorly-made partition can make customers think there is something wrong with your product or its design, which means you could lose out on sales. Partitions help keep your products safe during shipping and storage.

Other than this, make sure:

  1. You choose the eco-friendly approach for your book style rigid packs.
  2. Apply the aqueous coating wherever necessary.
  3. Always leave the space for a logo so people can have a brand identity for their brand.

Book-style rigid boxes are an excellent investment because they are trending in 2022. However, to get an excellent finishing, it is essential to get these boxes in the right shape. We hope our 10 points will help you reach your potential with these boxes.


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