Do's and Don'ts Before and on the PTE Test Day

The PTE exam is knocking on your door!! Are you prepared to appear for it? Are you ready to use all of your well-planned strategies on test day? Are you nervous or unsure whether your test preparation will succeed? We will tell you what you should and should not do before and on the day of the PTE test. These dos and don’ts will put you on the right track to a high PTE score.

The do’s before and on the PTE test day.

  • Follow the routine of studying.

It is best if you create a proper study schedule. Continue your daily study routine until the test day arrives. This will enhance your confidence and help you concentrate on test days.

  • Be on time

It will be favorable if you arrive at the test center on time. Arrive at the exam center half an hour before the scheduled test time. Bring valid identification with you.

  • Do stay optimistic

Stay calm and respond quickly but correctly, without rushing or jumping directly to conclusions. 

  • Write down the notes.

No matter how sharp your memory is still, you cannot remember everything said in the audio. For the exam, you will be given an erasable note board booklet. So utilize it to take notes for any question.

  • Proofread your final answers

Make sure your responses are error-free. Check your answers for spelling, grammar, and punctuation twice. The following are some errors that most PTE candidates should avoid when proofreading their answers. Don’t make these errors.

  1. Not capitalizing the first letter of a sentence.
  2. Failing to capitalize the proper nouns.
  3. Failing to check for subject-verb agreement.
  4. incorrect punctuations
  • Do check the headphones

If you have a problem with your headphones in the exam room, notify a staff member before the test begins so that you can resolve the problem as soon as possible, as they will not pause the test time for these reasons. 

  • Take sufficient mock tests.

It would be beneficial to take enough mock or practice tests before appearing for the PTE. You will be much more familiar with the pattern and question types on test day.

  • Do identify your Weakness and work on it

Do Spend More Time Working on Your Weaknesses. Identify your weaknesses and strengths and have an understanding of what you need to work on more.

The don’ts before and on the PTE test day

  • Don’t switch your choice in every paragraph.

If you say Mobile is better than “computers,” don’t say computers are better in the second paragraph. You create ambiguity and confusion in your essay-type question by doing so. As a result, you should stick to one throughout the passage. Don’t contradict your own assertion.

  • Don’t lose track of the recording.

Put all your attention on the speakers in the audio materials because they usually speak quickly. Don’t let your mind wander. If you lose track of the recording, you risk your test performance, lowering your PTE score.

  • Don’t Ignore the frequency of words.

Frequency words like “always, often, sometimes” can help you narrow down your answer choices in the listening section’s Multiple Choice, Single Answer section. Ignore the options with frequency terms unless they are explicitly mentioned in the recording.

  • Don’t be Overconfident

Don’t believe the myth that the PTE is a simple exam you can take at any time without preparation.  Practice Basic English every day. Make every effort to prepare for the PTE because failure can put you in a stressful situation and cause your study abroad plans to be delayed. 

  • Don’t write complete spelling while taking notes.

Don’t write full spellings and get distracted by the recording while taking notes by listening to the audio. You can correct the spellings after the recording is finished.

  • Don’t carry any personal items. 

Don’t bring personal items such as a mobile, watch, etc., as these are not allowed to be taken inside the exam hall. If you still want to carry these, you can give them to one of the staff members to keep them in a safe place and collect all your belongings once you are out of the exam hall.

We hope this helps you out. Remember all these DO’S and DON’TS of PTE and crack the exam with a good score so you can achieve admission to international institutions.

We wish you good luck..!! 

By Jeduka

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