Improve Your Child's Memory Power

Parenting is quite a convoluted job to look at. It is like an examination that you cannot afford to fail. One failure there can define your entire competence. Everything seems to be a matter of concern when it involves your child. There will seldom be a moment; when a parent is seen to not raise at least a minimum of dozen questions. 

Am I giving them the right kind of diet?

Am I paying enough attention to their physical and mental growth?

Among them, ‘how to improve your child’s memory has been a pertinent question that has frequented the search engines.

The Five Pillars To Strengthen Your Child’s Memory Game

Memory is a relevant part when building a rigid foundation. This is applicable to learning- both inside the classroom & beyond. Good memory -will help your child to perform better at school. Performing well and achieving good grades are a common result of this practice. Read More: Content Rally, Online News Buzz, Real Wealth Business, Mashum Mollah

She is born with it.’ – is such a myth. People are not born with impeccable memory. Practice makes them perfect.

Here are five  effective ways to improve your child’s memory:

1. Encouraging Them To Ask Questions

“ Curiosity kills the cat.”

Let me burst the bubble. Curiosity doesn’t kill you. As adults, more often than not, we tend to get irritated if kids keep asking questions. We fail to understand that this inquisitive attitude will help them boost their memory game.

It proves that they are developing a better comprehension; of the world or about certain other things. It will help them understand the topic and retain it.

2. Create Rhymes And Songs


You have to think out of the box. Introducing fun elements like rhymes, songs, and activities will help your child retain better. Our brain tends to register music and colors first.

Who all remembers those nursery rhymes ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’, or ‘Ring-a-ring-a Rosie’s? 

Most of us, right? It is because of the actions that our teachers had combined with those lessons.

3. Encourage Active Learning

Discuss random topics with your child. Widen the horizon. This will encourage critical thinking among children. Do not limit the learning. Engage them in discussions and ask them about their opinion. This will make them retain things and increase their capability to answer questions asked about the same.

The more you let them think, the more chiseled their memory will be. Know More: Online Marketing Tools, Tech Net Deals, Sb News Room, Emblem Wealth

4. Employ Visual Aides

Adding in visuals has always done the trick. Do you know why parents hang these colorful swinging balls on top of the cradle?

It is because when a child looks at those balls, the parents understand they are in the process of developing their vision. It also helps them develop cognition towards different objects.

Children tend to associate a particular object with a particular name. This helps them retain better. For instance, a child is more likely to register the alphabet ‘G’ if you associate it with a picture of a goat.

5. Ask Your Child To Teach You

The perfect way to engage your child. Ask them to teach you whatever you have just taught them. This will help your child develop their own approach towards the topic. You tend to retain better when you teach.

See it as a challenging activity to engage your child with the topic. After the session, go back and review the areas they have had a doubt about.

Practice meditating with your child, maybe. Meditation helps develop concentration.

To Conclude

There is no effective guide when it comes to your child. You know best what works for your child.  No one can tell you what to do. Trust your instincts.

“Success comes from curiosity, concentration …

Perseverance and self-criticism.”

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