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Strengthen cooperation between Indian businessmen and professional communities Indian Business and Professionals Council (IBPC) targets to promote UAE-India trade relations. Experts said at a recent Event Management in Dubai that technology is rapidly changing and redefining traditional engineering professions while opening up new career paths.

Event Management Companies UAE
IBPC Dubai Event Highlights the Need for Continuous Learning

Focus group of the Indian Business and Professionals Council (IBPC Dubai) to provide management to parents and students, the event was planned by the Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology, and Telecommunications (EMTT).

A team consisting of Dr. Christopher Abraham, CEO of SP Jain School of Global Management, Divya Sharma, Head of Human Resources, IBM Global Business Consulting Services, MEA, and Sauvik Tegta, Kearney’s chief consultant in the MEA region, shared their “Future of Technology Careers” Insights. The group is chaired by Poonam Chawla, Khaleej Times Events Management and Conference Leader.

Mohammed Sutarwala, Chair of the EMTT Focus Group, said: “With the support of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, IBPC’s mission is to promote the UAE’s trade relationship with India and strengthen cooperation between Indian businessmen and the professional community.” The activities will help our members guide their children to a brighter future, and the high number of students will also assist IBPC’s creativities to entice new talents to its special association category for young specialists.”

Divya Sharma of IBM said in response to questions regarding future careers and courses employers expect: “Cloud and artificial (enhanced) intelligence are the two driving forces that will shape the future workforce. Artificial intelligence will improve the human experience and empower people in empowering you to do things freely. What we do best – social participation and creative work.”

Event Management Companies UAE
IBPC’s mission is to promote the UAE’s trade relationship with India and strengthen cooperation

While technical education will become the foundation of every profession, Tegta said: “Just acquiring technical skills is not enough to thrive in a technology-driven world. It also requires the development of skills and attitudes for lifelong learning, collaboration, empathy, and respect for diversity. “

Similarly, Dr. Christopher Abraham the need for continuous learning. “Our world is changing quickly; many opportunities and this brings tasks. The future belongs to the brave who are willing to keep learning, forgetting, and relearning to stay relevant and thrive.”

Sameer Makhija, business development manager at Infor, emphasized the need for extensive training: “Career preparation is no longer limited to the classroom, but must also be complemented by online courses.”

Event Management Company, When IBPC Dubai Secretary General Dilip Sinha expressed his gratitude, he thanked the panelists and reminded the audience that they need to acquire soft skills. “Regardless of the future of a career you pursue, communication skills are the key to success. It will help you present your ideas and ideas and improve teamwork.”

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