The United Arab Emirates is a land of endless adventure where one can go on safari and see some truly breathtaking scenery. Every year, millions visit this nation to take in all that it has to offer them – from deserts wild enough for animals like camel spiders or dunes, which could be labelled “perfect” by any measure you choose! Tourists from all around the world are warmly welcomed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They come for their amazing sunshine, sky-scraping buildings with incredible views of landscapes far below them; there’s not one thing that can be missed when visiting this city!

A fantastic desert safari in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offers guests a chance to experience an authentic Arabian Desert lifestyle, including breathtaking scenery and wildlife. Guests can enjoy adventuresome sports like camel riding and entertainment activities that will keep them coming back for more!

Why choose a Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi?

The western area of Abu Dhabi is a spectacular dessert with varied scenery and terrain. The expansive date palm plantations of the Liwa oasis are a great starting point for the safari. Then, you’ll drive through the Empty Quarter, home to countless dunes and awe-inspiring sandscapes. While you’re there, don’t miss the chance to see falcons performing displays or taking selfies!

For an exciting and memorable desert safari, consider dune bashing. It’s a must for adventure enthusiasts and a great experience for the whole family. While the sand is dusty, it doesn’t get any more picturesque than in Abu Dhabi, where you’ll pass a Bedouin campsite set in the middle of the desert. You’ll also enjoy the views of the city at dusk, which make the experience even more special.

Many desert safaris are conducted in English. Some providers also offer alternative languages, but it’s best to check ahead if you’re travelling in a language other than English. When booking your trip, be sure to specify your preferred language. Then, settle down and enjoy the views. And be sure to pack your action camera including an action camera body mount! You’ll soon realize that a desert is a beautiful place!

The UAE’s largest dune, the Moreeb Dune, is the tallest. It’s ninety-eight feet high and has a 50-degree slope! If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, a dune buggy ride is definitely for you! The dunes are a popular spot for dune-biking, although the ride may not be for the faint of heart.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to spend your time, a desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a great option. While the desert is stunning, it can be pretty crowded. It’s best to arrive early for the best views and avoid the crowds. But if you’re travelling with children, you’ll want to make sure they’re ready for the experience.

A desert safari is a great way to explore the UAE. This adventure allows you to experience the culture and landscape of the area. In the morning, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous barbecue dinner and the spectacular sunset. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you can book an overnight excursion in the desert. And if you’d instead leave a day earlier, you can also choose to go on an evening or morning safari.

The desert safari in Abu Dhabi offers the most value for money. Your hotel will pick you up at the airport, and you’ll be able to take part in the dune bashing and camel farm. Then, you’ll have a buffet dinner and a show during your visit to the Arabian nightlife. In addition to the desert, the city of Abu Dhabi is a great place to visit if you’re travelling with kids.

The cost of a desert safari in Abu Dhabi varies depending on the company you choose. Most activities include visiting dunes, a desert sunset, a camel ride, a Bedouin camp, and falconry. The price range of a desert safari varies. The best way to plan a safari is to book a guided tour with a reliable operator.

A desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a magical experience full of adventure and fun. The most popular location for a desert safari in the city is Al Khazanah, located between the Al Ain oasis and Abu Dhabi city. During your trip, you can try quad biking, dune bashing, and other adventure sports. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience traditional Emirati culture and lifestyle at the Arabian Nights Village.

The desert safaris in Abu Dhabi are 90 minutes away from the city. You’ll have the opportunity to take a camel ride, watch the sunset, and ride a 4×4. The overnight desert expedition will usually include a desert villa or a Bedouin tent. You’ll have plenty of time to take in the sights, so don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and sunglasses.

Final Take

The best way to see the UAE is on a dune crossing! You’ll be blown away by how amazing everything looks, and there are plenty of activities planned for you. Suppose thrill-seeking is what gets your heart racing. In that case, this trip has everything an adventurous person could want – it’s the perfect winter break or fully immersive experience suitable even without any prior knowledge about Abu Dhabi or its culture.

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