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Slip and fall injuries are pretty common in the USA. There can be many reasons for slip and fall injuries like potholes, old and ratty shoes, or slippery floors. Slip and fall injuries account for the highest number of cases in the ER. The face, wrist, hip, and knees are the body’s primary impact or shock absorbers. Sometimes the injuries are minor and can be cured at home by using heating pads and cooling pads. If you have suffered a fatal slip and fall injury, it is better to undergo the Slip and Fall Treatment in Dallas, TX. 

You need to understand the different types of injuries to determine the ones that can be cured immediately. In many cases, people have to undergo Joint Pain Treatment in Lewisville to make a full recovery. The majority of hip injuries can prove to be fatal and can leave permanent damage. Therefore, people need to be careful when they injure their hips in a slip and fall accident. Some of the typical slip and fall injuries are mentioned below-

1. The bursitis

The joints are protected by a fluid-filled sac called bursae. It acts as a cushion, and its primary function is to reduce the friction between multiple joints. The hip bursae can get severely injured because of slip and fall accidents. The damage to the bursae is called bursitis, and it can take up few days to a few weeks to heal. Pain, swelling, and tenderness are some of the primary indicators of bursitis. It is better to visit the doctor and find out the severity of bursitis in your hips.

2. Hip Fracture

Hip fracture is one of the most common slips and fall injuries. If you fall flat on your hips, then the chances of fracture are high. The hip fracture can lead to decreased mobility, and you might have to be in a cast for few weeks. The majority of hip fracture requires surgery. You can go to physiotherapy and orthopedic expert in Lewisville. Joint Pain Treatment might be needed in the later stages of your surgery for a speedy recovery. Hip fracture is common in people who have weak bones, calcium deficiency, and suffer from old age.

3. Hip Dislocation

The hip is made of ball and socket joints, and when the joint is displaced from the socket due to the impact of the trauma, then the condition is called hip dislocation. The person will feel immense pain in their pelvic and hip region. To get rid of the pain, one might need to undergo muscle manipulations and Slip and Fall Treatment in Dallas, TX. The hip dislocation will cause discomfort for few days, even after relocation. The nerves like the sciatic nerve and other nerves running across the hips might be damaged. It is common to have muscle tears and bruise in hip dislocation and relocation.

4. Hip Strain

It is unheard of to escape a brutal fall without any bruising and strain. If you suffered a brutal hit in your hip during the auto accident, slip, and fall injuries, you will have a hip strain later. The muscles around the hips are stretched beyond the limit or are torn in hip strain. One might not feel the pain immediately, but later they will experience excruciating pain. 

Limited mobility and pain are the two common symptoms of a hip strain. You can reach out to the Slip and Fall Treatment experts in Dallas, TXfor hip strain due to fall. It can take up to 6 weeks to heal. The hip strain is quite common among track and field athletes.

What to do in hip injuries due to slip and fall?

The first step in such injuries is to reach out to chiropractors and the best doctors of Spinal Adjustment in Lewisville, TX. They will assess the damage and use muscle manipulation techniques to alleviate pain. Taking ample rest is also vital during the recovery phase so that the injury does not cause any problem in the future. People need to be vigilant of any discomfort in the hip after slip and fall injuries because negligence may prove to be expensive in many cases.

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