Fitbit is all set to launch a noise and snore detection feature

Fitbit is expected to launch a noise and snore detection feature which will allow gauge snoring while sleeping. The feature will be using the microphone in the Fitbit device for monitoring the sound in the sleep environment. It will also allow the user to have a look at the results by the next morning, according to the company’s official website.

At the moment, the particular feature stated above is not available for many users. Once the 3.42 version of the Fitbit app is ready, everyone can use this feature as reported by 9 to 5 Google. The Fitbit has also issued a disclaimer on their website saying the feature is never intended to serve as a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. The users should consult their healthcare expert or physicians for their health issues.

Fitbit has different levels for snore detection

9 to 5 Google have shared the screenshots of the new feature and showcased its actual working too. The particular feature also detects that if a user has gone to sleep. And post-sleep, the device listens to the ambient noises, including potential snoring. It also detects the snoring from the users and the other person sleeping next to them but cannot detect snoring; if your partner also snores with you, the result can be different.

After detecting the ambient noise, the Fitbit device then analyses the noise levels to know the baseline of the noise. Next, it tries to know about the snore-specific noises and then try to detect snoring or any other noise. There are three levels in the device. The first one is “None to mild”, which entails that you were snoring less than 10 per cent of the total time. The second one will be “Moderate”, meaning 10-40 per cent snoring time of your total sleep. The third one is “Frequent”, which means that snoring time is 40 per cent of your time.

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