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QuickBooks Error 12002

QuickBooks Error 12002, which prohibits the software from reaching the server due to a network time out, may occasionally appear when you try to update QuickBooks. You might also experience this problem if you download payrolls. The problem may have been caused by an incorrect firewall or security settings in your Windows browser. Whatever the cause, it is crucial to resolve this problem for the software to function properly. Users should try checking their browser and security settings to investigate the issue. Read this article through to the finish, as it aims to provide comprehensive information on this error’s causes and fixes.

Contact our technical staff at 1.855.738.2784 for immediate assistance in resolving the QuickBooks error code 12002.

What could be causing your computer’s QB error 12002?

The following are the most likely causes of QB error 12002:-

  1. There might be a defect in your computer’s security settings and internet browser.
  2. Your antivirus configurations might be preventing the update.
  3. It is possible that the Firewall configurations are preventing the upgrade.
  4. The Internet Explorer on your computer could be damaged or corrupted.

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Fixes for QuickBooks Error Code 12002 that work effectively

Try putting the following fixes into practice to resolve error code 12002 in QuickBooks:-

Verify whether your browser can access secure websites.

Since QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer to access the Internet, you must first confirm that it is the default browser. Check to see whether your browser can visit protected websites if it isn’t already:-

  1. Run the TLS 1.2 utility after downloading it to your system.
  2. Now make sure that Internet Explorer is set as the default browser.
  3. If you use another browser as your default, be sure you can access any secure websites important to your company.

Examine the Internet Explorer settings on your system

It’s possible that your Internet Explorer settings are preventing the updates from downloading. So, use the following steps to examine them: –

  1. Open your computer’s Internet Explorer application and select Internet Options after selecting Tools.
  2. Click on the Globe symbol on the security tab and make sure that the level of security doesn’t exceed Medium-high.
  3. Now in the Connections tab, choose Never Dial a Connection if you don’t utilize your computer’s dial-up connection. If you do, make sure to pick the right ISP and then select OK.
  4. Access the LAN settings to ensure the Use a Proxy Server checkbox is deselected, and the Automatically detect settings option is selected.
  5. Check the whole address and port if the Use a Proxy Server checkbox is selected.
  6. If the port is 80, uncheck the box; if it is any other port, leave it checked and select OK.
  7. Now click on the Restore Advanced Settings option under the Advanced tab.
  8. Verify that Use TLS 1.2 is chosen under the settings option and select OK.
  9. Close Internet Explorer right now, restart your computer and Update QuickBooks again.

You can use any of these techniques to fix QuickBooks Error 12002. It’s crucial to keep your QuickBooks software updated to the most recent version to access new features and boost productivity. For the greatest results, use the techniques in the order specified. If the error persists even after implementing the fixes, get in touch with our technical staff at 1.855.738.2784 at once.

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