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Mobile technology is changing the way we live. They are changing the way we protect our communities. Mobile security guards have existed since the 1800’s. They were initially used to guard military bases and other potentially hazardous locations. They are now used for protecting communities. They are sometimes called “mobile police” or “mobile security personnel”.

Mobile Security Patrols offer many advantages

  1. Mobile Patrols Birmingham uses a vehicle that is equipped with lights, radios and cameras. This is a cost-effective way to increase safety for the public. These permits police officers to leave their stations and go on the streets. They also help reduce crime. An automobile equipped with radios, lights, and cameras is a mobile security patrol. The officer is notified of any suspicious activity and they go to the scene. They take all necessary measures to stop criminal activity if they discover anything suspicious.
  2. Police used to drive their cars to patrol the streets in the past. Many departments today rely on public safety officers to drive patrol cars due to budget cuts. These patrols are sometimes called “mobile security forces”, or MSP. MSPs are required to monitor specific areas at certain times every day.
  3. Although patrolling remains a popular method, some police departments are exploring other options. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a great way to monitor criminal scene. UAVs are small aircrafts equipped with sensors and cameras that collect data from the surrounding area.
  4. Mobile technology can help the MSP increase its effectiveness. University of Texas at Dallas found that officers with mobile access to the most current criminal information were more able to respond to calls than those without the data.
  5. MSPs could save money by using this technology. Officers will not have to search for evidence as frequently and will be able locate missing property more quickly.

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