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Bringing back those days’ fashion into the present fashion arena can be both fun and fanatical. But, what about modernizing your hippie fashion to highlight some elements of the present day fashion? That sounds like a good idea, right? It definitely is! Come along and explore some cool tips.

Wear Your Hair Down

Traditionally, hippies keep long hair. Whether you are a hippie boy or hippie girl, long hair worn down will help accentuate your hippie look. The more natural your long hair, the better. In essence, avoid using a curling or flat iron on your hair.

Another way to wear modern hippie hair is to put your hair into dread. For girls, you are better off with long hair that has no color added to it. Making it wavy will also be a good idea.

Choose the Right Outfit

For a modern hippie cloth, smarter choices include floral maxi dresses, high-waisted flare jeans, flowy shift dresses, as well as halter tops. For tops, you should favor loose blouses over fitted ones. 

Thrift stores are good places to find clothing items that are hippie-oriented. For more modern hippie clothing items, online clothing stores are good places to look. And, you can also create something from what you have in your closet. 

If you are a lover of electronic music as a modern hippie, you may want to include a flat-brimmed hat with metal twined crystal in your modern hippie look.

Go for Sandals as Footwear

In the heyday, the classic footwear was Birkenstocks. While you can still wear Birkenstocks, a more modern hippie footwear will be Tevas and Chacos. These are both comfy and durable. 

Go Without Makeup

Looking natural is a signature of hippies. But, if you feel something will be missing out if you don’t wear a makeup, then apply light natural-color makeup, such as a light pink or peach lipstick.

How to Wear Your Hair and Accessorize?

Allow your hair to all grow out, including your facial hair. And, when it comes to accessories, modern hippies favor crystals and jewelry that feature crystal healing. 

They also go for natural rocks and stone jewelry – all wrapped in wire. And, for hats, a modern hippie adorns his or her head with a flat-brimmed hat, not the large-straw hats that characterize the heyday hippies. 

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