Going Retro – Acknowledging Cool Gadgets from The Past


Taking a look back at technology in the past, you can find some golden choices that still remain of value and use. They tend to give the most aesthetic and retro vibe. Some of such gadgets continue to be pricey and of value. 

If you are someone who is looking to collect vintage gadgets and make use of them, then rest assured it can get pretty nostalgic. The gadgets may even make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to face the classic days. Keep reading as we list down a few of those cool gadgets from the past in order for you to gain a better idea and knowledge about them. 


Typewriters were built in the early fourteenth century. The patents got issued moths after the typewriter machine did. While today we have printers to sort out our documents, in the past it was typewriters that did it! Making use of a typewriter required a certain typing skill and speed, especially for official purposes. It was all about your finger power. They provide a print that remains it be classical and appreciated in today’s world by many. 


Despite what you may think, recording back in the day was also possible due to the presence of camcorders. They became a lot more popular and handier during the early 1980s. it was used more in the professional industry to produce movies and commercial videos. Camcorders were also pocket friendly and is often considered to be a great way for amateur photographer and videographers to begin their journey.

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Vinyl Player

The most retro thing to own and enjoy is a vinyl player. They have continued to be of purpose and preference to many due to their beauty and function. Also known as record players, this gadget comes in various different styles and sizes. You can easily find one for your own budget. Although considered to be a very complex device, vinyl players have played an important role in the history of music. Remember, such a device always required gentle handling. 


Mixtapes were known to be a language of love amongst many. While eventually mp3 players and other sources of listening to music came in advanced formats, the value and purpose of mixtapes have never forgotten to be cherished, especially by those who understand the weight and sentiment of such vintage pieces. Mixtapes are also referred to and called by the name street albums. This is also one other device that originates from the 1980s. 

Rotary Telephone 

Looking into the gadgets bought to life in the midst of the 20th century, you’ll find the rotary telephone. The dialing of numbers is entirely unique compared to phones that followed. They are arranged in a circular layout with a spring tension that allows you to rotate as per the digits required. While this device is not popularly present in many houses even as an antique, you’ll still find its value being appreciated and talked about by many. 

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