Google Meet is seen introducing a new feature of sending their users a notification for poor connection. It will also allow tailored troubleshooting recommendations and quick actions for reducing the video chat to the app resources consumption. Google will also provide various workspace admins to provide access to view and can also troubleshoot instances with the help of Meet Quality tools while users are unable to make calls. The admin tools are made available to the users. And the other Google Meet features are also rolling out since June 1.

Recently Google has announced many features for improving the calling experience via Google Meet software. For example, suppose the user’s internet network is not working or poor. In that case, the chat application will send a notification bubble describing its issues and a red dot for the options explored. Furthermore, the users can look for Troubleshooting & help to extract important information about the issue. They can explore troubleshooting guidance from the menu.

New features are already available for Google Workspace accounts, and G Suite business and basic clients can also access it. For Admins, the Google Meet Quality Tool is rolled out with the updated version. The new features for the Google Meet will also utilize the Google Schedules and Rapid rollout domains where the users can also register with the former domains. The users for the scheduled rollout domain may have to wait for 15 days to check out new features.

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