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hina khan

Hina khan is much active in social media. She always uploads new snaps, videos, and reels on Instagram and always remains in touch with her friends. She mesmerized her friends in all her looks in big boss.

The actress recently lost her father due to cardiac arrest. She is trying to come back to the normal routine. From her posts on social media, anyone can say that along with focusing on work, she is also a health-conscious and fitness freak.

Recently she shared one video in which she was performing yoga and her cousin brother records her which takes a funny turn. She is performing pranayama and background music was going on…. . In her video she is doing her breathing exercise and she is telling,” this is not funny, I am holding my breath”. During her breathing exercise, she was giving strange expressions and her brother recorded them secretly. So she shared this video and captioned that “this is a story of my life. Yoga session. She further added that my brother had recorded it and send it back to me after editing to mock. He is very annoying and doesn’t let her do exercise in peace”.

Hina Khan’s recent music video of Baarish Ban Jaana has crossed 100 million views on YouTube and has won the hearts of many.

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