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So, you want to flaunt a hippie costume in a theme party, or you just feel like looking hippie? Okay, you are familiar with flowing tops, miniskirts, maxis and tank tops that will make you look hippie, right? What about accessories? Your hippie fashion or costume can’t be complete without the right accessories!

Throw a Headscarf or Headband Over Your Head

Go for a colorful scarf or headband and ensure it goes across your forehead in a horizontal manner. You can also use a garland of flowers, braided cord, beads, or leather. 

What about adding a couple of statement pieces of jewelry? It will definitely highlight your hippie look! Great choices in this case will include “love beads” and peace symbol – these were the order of the day back in the days. 

An alternative choice would be bold and colorful pieces made of leather, wood, and other natural materials. Throw on an ankle bracelet designed with bells. It’s just fun and will also highlight the musical touch of those days.

Don a Big Hat and Some Round Shades

On a sunny day, complement your hippie fashion with a pair of round, big sunglasses. And, adorn your head with a floppy and wide sunhat. Consider topping your head with a handkerchief before placing the hat. You can still pull off this look even if you are not going under the sun.

Wear Your Hair Naturally

Natural hairdo was all the rage in the hippie days. You are better off growing your hair and wearing it naturally. You can choose to put in a small braid or keep it down. If your hair is wavy or straight, you should grow it out, put a part in the center and make a bang.

For kinky or curly hair, it should be as voluminous as possible – it doesn’t matter if it is a wild mane of curls or an afro. Finish adorning your hair with a garland of flowers, or simply stick a real flower on your hair.

Complement Your Look with a Large, Bold Belt

A bold and wide leather belt will be a great addition to your hippie look. Alternatively, you can wear a chain belt with your hippie skirts, dress or pants.  Want to try something different?  Use a thin plain or floral scarf as a belt.

Finally, choose footwear like moccasin, boot, or leather sandals to finish your hippie fashion.  And, if you want to go overboard, you can go barefoot!


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