Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry has always played an important role in the lives of human civilization. Of course, the definition and appearance in ancient times for these accessories were quite different. They wore shells, bones, colored pebbles, etc in the form of jewelry. Slowly, the craze for these accessories grew fonder and people began to experiment with various sorts of colored stones which further came into the category of semi-precious crystal today known by the name of Gemstones.

Including these Gemstone Jewelry that involves the most famous Moonstone Jewelry, became a part of everyday trending fashion and people are looking for new ways to accessorize these in the most attracting and eye-capturing manner.

The journey of gemstones from primitive times has been quite interesting and holds significant values, beliefs, and own meaning. In ancient times, instead of representing fashion, various jewelry pieces were included and worn as an amulet to protect an individual from evil eye. The traces of earliest finding of these jewelry pieces are dated back to 25,000 years ago in the form of accessories made with fish bones.

Jewelry Meaning in Primitive Times

People in ancient times wore jewelry in the form of bones, and other naturally obtained pebbles, shells etc. They gave their accessories a certain meaning and often wore bones of the animals hunted during earlier times. They believed that this would provide them with good luck for their next hunt and will protect them from any unknown dangers that are yet to come.

These accessories were a representation of the various victories an individual held and were seen as matter of prestige and respect. With time, all these meanings slowly changed, and people started looking for more colourful stones with high lustre and unique properties out of fascination. This is how slowly the meaning of these jewelry changed to matter and significance of commitment and human connection.

The Era of New Fashionable jewelry

Gradually the love for Gemstone Jewelry like Opal Jewelry and many other forms were highly adored. People became more attracted towards their beauty as well as other healing properties that these crystals are capable to deliver.


Every year, the trend in fashion keeps changing and it is because of this reason that the love for these crystals developed even more because of the availability of a large variety in gems. Being a woman, we know that our accessories can never be enough, and we want something that is equally unique and new to look unto. Thus, jewelry made with rarer crystals like Turquoise Jewelry, are setting new parameters and benchmarks to indulge in life.

21st Century Jewelry Masterpieces

The current trend in fashion is all about bold and dark-colored crystals. People love to explore and experiment with stones that clearly depicts a sense of their personality. Thus, the enchantment of the deep forest green color in Moldavite Jewelry has shifted the focus of Jewelry enthusiasts towards it.

Apart from this, in today’s scenario people are looking for something that has natural features with high durability. Various color treatments that are used in jewelry stones lasts for certain days which is criticized in the present situation. The main essence of your jewelry lies in its usability and how much comfortably you can make the best out of them in your everyday life.

Thus, it is important to make a choice that can be depended upon for a longer time. Choosing a gemstone jewelry that holds a stone with high durability and is formed through the natural process without any external treatments serves this basis. Thus, accessories like Mookaite Jewelry has became the new choice of many people in 21st century.


The significant journey of all the jewelry accessories is really a one to read about. From ancient Kings and emperors to the current fashion enthusiasts and jewelry lover, these crystals will never keep you down. Choose your favourite authentic Gemstone jewelry today.

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