Considering home window tinting in Sydney? Don’t know where to start? Installing window films in your home begins with determining your purpose and what you expect.

Discussed here are different types of window tinting options you can consider for your home.

Decorative Window Films

If your purpose of window tinting is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, then decorative window film is the best option. It comes in a variety of designs, patterns and colours – and can be used to add an eye-catchy design element to the windows. However, this type of window tinting film does not block ultraviolet rays or increase your window strength. It is used only for decorative or privacy purposes.

Solar Control Films

If you are struggling with sun’s heat and glare inside your home, solar control films are the right option. These can help reduce the heat coming through windows and also cut down distracting glare by up to 94%. Using solar films for your home window tinting Sydney is also beneficial as it can block up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. During summer, solar tinting helps keep the inside cool while in winter, it prevents heat loss through windows by reflecting the heat back into rooms.

Safety & Security Window Films

While Sydney experiences moderate crime rates in terms of theft and vandalism, it is important to ensure utmost safety of your home and family. Additionally, weather can sometimes get violent which can smash the windows, causing potential accidents. Safety and security window films are made with layers of high-quality polyester films which are bonded together using special adhesives. They serve as an invisible shield that can deter vandalism, protect against harsh weather, prevent scratches and graffiti vandals and offer excellent optical clarity.

Privacy Films

Privacy window tinting is the right solution to add privacy to your home while maintaining abundant sunlight. It is a good cost-effective alternative to curtains, blinds and shutters, and are easy to maintain.

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