Windows Shared Hosting

Many web hosting types are available in the market, and many people use them daily to host their websites online. Because of many similarities, people are always confused about whether VPS hosting or the Windows Shared Hosting is best?

There are mainly three web hosting services that are used for web hosting: Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Windows Shared Hosting. And also there are two common Operating systems that are used in servers: Linux and windows.

If you pick windows OS for your server then Cheap Windows shared Hosting is a great option to Host your website online. It has come with a lot of benefits and can easily boost your business website to the next level. 

If you purchase a Window shared hosting plan from Hostbillo then they provide some additional features along with the server. In this article, we will explain to you in detail how Hostbillo’s windows Shared servers are helpful in website growth.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is and web hosting type where multiple websites hosts on a single server.

In this type of hosting you don’t get more privacy but you will have so many benefits and features at a very low cost. 

Shared hosting is mainly used by newly built websites, low-traffic websites, or by small business websites. It is a very cost-efficient option so if you have a new website ready to host online you can choose Shared hosting as your first choice.

Difference Between VPS Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting  

Shared hosting has many similarities and differences at the same time as VPS hosting servers.

Thre are lots of people who think that there is no difference between Windows Shared servers and VPS servers. But there are a lot of things that are not the same as people think they are.

In a shared server you share a dedicated server with a lot of users and you need to share every feature and resource that is available on the main server. 

Unlike this VPS Hosting give you privacy and you don’t need to share any feature of the main server all you need to share is the space of the main server.

VPS Is more expensive than Shared hosting and also you will get limited space on the main server. VPS is a good option for a grown website but for new websites or small business websites Windows Shared hosting is just perfect. 

How Hostbillo’s Windows Shared Servers Are the Best?

Hostbillo is a web hosting company well established in 2022. Although, it’s a new company its technical team and staff have more than ten years of experience in web hosting services. If you are looking for India Windows Shared web hosting then Hostbillo is the perfect web hosting provider that can meet all your expectations from the server.

Features That Hostbilo provides with India Windows Shared hosting servers-

  • 99.90% uptime:

Hostbillo gives you the Best Windows Shared Hosting India with guaranteed 99.90% uptime and that’s the most important thing. It gives you the assurance that your server is always awakened and does work properly. Your website will never go down and users will have an uninterrupted website experience.

  • SSL certificate:

Hostbillo gives you a free SSL certificate with Windows Shared Web hosting so you will get HTTPS  Security without additional charges. That is a very important factor for ranking on SERP as well for better security.

  • Control panel as per your choice: 

Hostbillo gives you a control panel along with Windows Shared hosting so you don’t have to use commands every time you work on your server. Also, they have different plans for different control panels so you can choose one from them.

  • Back-up: 

Back-up is a much-needed thing because if by any chance you lose your online data then you can restore it later if you have a backup plan. Hostbillo provided weekly back with all their Windows Shared hosting plans  

  • 24/7 customer support with technical experts: 

Hostbillo is always available to resolve the problems of their customers. They give their customers 24/7 support from technical experts.


Windows Shared Hosting is a very great option for hosting a new website online and Hostbillo can help you to get the best and cheap Windows Shared Hosting for you. 

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