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house clearance

OPTION: London charities with furniture collection


This is a fantastic, simple approach to deal with the larger unwanted goods for house clearance while aiding others in need. Local charities in London provide collection services.


It is preferable to get in touch with your preferred charity and ask personally as their capacity to accept furniture varies.

OPTION: London recycling centers

Utilizing the recycling and disposal facilities offered by the London and North East Somerset Council is a different option.

  • Midland Road in London
  • Pixash Lane in Keynsham
  • Wheelers Hill in Midsomer Norton


You can complete this at your own pace. The majority of items can be disposed of for free, and they also accept items for resale to raise money for recycling-related programs and events. If there are restrictions on specific items, such as refrigerators, heavy furniture, chemicals, or liquids, check the guidelines beforehand and give the recycling facility a call.


Pay attention to their hours of operation, especially if you’re utilizing a van or trailer to transport domestic waste and need to get a permit if you don’t already have one. Only Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday are allowed for these cars.

Domestic waste van licenses are exclusively meant for individuals disposing of their rubbish. Vans and trailers must have them at all three locations, although they are free, renewable, and allow for 12 visits.

Commercial or business garbage cannot be disposed of with this permit, and all locations strictly enforce this rule. Applying for a home trash van permit online is possible here.

As opposed to having someone else do things, this takes more time and could be messier.

OPTION: London bulk rubbish removal services

A bulk removal service can be what you require if the quantity, awkwardness, or a tight deadline are problems. There are a few solutions that can assist you with your house clearance in London, all of which range in price and amount of ease. Always discuss the type of waste you have and any materials they won’t accept with your chosen company.


In exchange for a charge (beginning at £30), the London council will take up to 10 large items.


The London Council won’t pick up a lot of items, including carpet and big range cookers. Hiring a skip or a reputable man with a van rubbish removal firm that can handle mixed waste and recyclables may be more cost-effective in many house clearance circumstances.

OPTION: Skip Hire Companies

For a six-yard skip of mixed rubbish, skip firms in London charge between £258 and 264 (including VAT), and between £288 and 324 (includes VAT), for an eight-yard skip of mixed waste (prices correct at time of publishing).


You may retain the skip for two weeks; speak with the skip business to learn if and when any additional fees, such as those for extra rubbish or extending your skip hire, may be assessed.


Consider where you may place it; if you must do so on a public street, sidewalk, or a site with restricted parking, you will need a skip license from London Council. The cost of a skip license is £66 for the first 28 days and £55 for renewal, which is often acquired by your skip company (though occasionally they may require you to apply directly). When arranging your house clearing, keep in mind that the application procedure could take up to 10 days.

OPTION: Man with van rubbish removal services

Bulk collection is a very practical choice that is versatile and time-saving, whether it be a skip or a professional guy with a van waste removal service.


While skips can be useful, the potential delays and extra cost can mean that a rubbish removal company is often more space, time, and budget-friendly. There is no need to find room for a skip and arrange licenses, so a rubbish removal company can respond quickly and will only charge you for the amount of waste taken away, not the size of the container.

Due to this flexibility, rubbish removal services are a good option when both time and cost are considerations. They fit into your schedule and ensure that your items are sorted, donated, recycled, and disposed of properly. Check out our service fees for a guide to your house clearance estimate, or tell us about your job on our 24/7 online booking and inquiry form to get an estimate and choose an available booking window that suits you.


If you are employing either of these to help you with your house clearance, it is important to check they are reputable, with the relevant licenses and insurance to conduct business. Check if they have a Higher Tier Waste Carriers license, and public liability insurance and if they can issue you with a waste transfer note so you can evidence proper disposal of your waste. A legitimate company will be more than happy to discuss these with you and you can relax knowing that your waste will be disposed of responsibly.

Now you’re ready for your house clearance in London

In conclusion, plan your house clearance with a realistic idea of how much time you have and what your budget will be. Whether you are looking to combine all three methods for a budget-conscious approach or want to get through it quickly with minimal fuss, all the options above will get you started and help you support local businesses and services. If you have any questions about house clearance please contact us via the form or call 0203 323 0017.

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