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How can you tell if your boss is monitoring your computer? There are a number of ways to check, but some clues may be hidden in plain sight. For example, if your boss asks you to print out something from your work computer, it may be because he or she suspects that you’re looking for confidential information. Or, if your boss regularly logs into your computer remotely, it may mean that he or she wants to keep an eye on what you’re up to.

Types of Computer Monitoring:

Monitoring is a broad term that covers a wide range of activities. Here are some common types:

Defensive monitoring

If your boss or coworkers suspect that you’re doing something wrong, they may monitor the computer to make sure you aren’t accessing any secret information. Diversionary monitoring If your boss suspects that you’re looking for secret information, he or she may monitor the computer to try to distract you. The diversion may be obvious (“You just have to update that program, right? ?”) or subtle (“You never update that program, do you? It’s so old ?”). Escalation monitoring If your boss suspects that the computer has been hacked and is now being used to steal information, he or she may monitor the computer for any sign of intrusion.

Signs that your boss is monitoring your computer:

Usually, the monitoring is not done very well. Your boss may notice that you’re accessing a lot of files, and soon this will be noticed by his or her co-workers as well. benefits of employee monitoring software may be done by tapping into the communications lines between your computer and other devices, such as network routers.  Your boss may have a spy program that monitors the system while it is running to catch any signs of intrusion. This will be noticed by you if you are monitoring your own system. You may know that your boss is monitoring your computer because he or she has asked you to install a security program on the system. The monitoring often begins with this request, which can be taken as a sign that you are under suspicion of having an illegal activity. The monitoring can also be done by a security guard or other type of person who is physically present at the computer. However, this method is more likely to be noticed by you if you are watching your own system.

Some monitoring methods may not be obvious to you.

If you have important documents, such as your will, stored on the computer and you are being monitored, you may need to be careful. If the monitoring is done by a third party, they may not be able to tell what is actually in the document.

How to protect yourself from computer monitoring:

If you are being monitored, there are some things you can do to protect yourself.  If you have important information that must be protected, it is best to keep it in a safe place, such as the filing cabinet of your lawyer or accountant.


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