How Do I Know What Windshield Wipers to Buy?


Wiper blades are vital car accessories that enhance your visibility in adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog. This guide helps you to find the right size and type of wiper blades for your car for an excellent cleaning action.

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Right Wiper Blades

The right wiper blades are essential for an effective wiping action. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a set of wiper blades:

  • Choosing the Right Size

The right size and fit of wiper blades for your car model will sit nicely and run smoothly on the curvature of the windshield. 

If you want to know the size of your wiper blades, you can try any of the following ways:

  • The best way is to refer to your manufacturer’s user’s guide.
  • Next best way is to manually measure the length of factory-installed wiper blades on your car with an inch-tape.
  • You can also take a suggestion from your local repair person. As they work with a lot of car models each day, they may know the right wiper blade size suitable for your car vehicle.
  • Finally, you can look for a ‘wiper blade size finder’ on the internet. These softwares ask for your model and manufacturing year and tell you the best fitting wiper blade size for your car.
  • What are the Different Types of Wiper Blades in the Market?

The difference in wiper blades lies in the structure of their wiper blades. It can be either standard, flat or a hybrid of the other two. These are the three wiper blades types available in the Indian market for your purchase:

  • Conventional Wiper Blades

Standard or conventional wiper blades were the most popular kind of blades for windshield up until a few years ago. 

Conventional blades are mostly made of metal or metal plastic composite. 

They come with a central bridge and articulated links providing 4-8 pressure points according to the size of the wiper blade.

  • Flat Wiper Blades

Flat wiper blades are modern blades installed in most latest automobile models these days. 

Flat wiper blades utilise tensioned metal flexors that allow the generation of greater force on the windshield for better cleaning. 

The flat shape of the wipers also provides aerodynamic benefits which contribute to a noise-free wiping action.

  • Hybrid Wiper Blades

Hybrid blades are an amalgamation of standard and flat wiper blades. 

They provide the benefits of both the blades as they are as powerful as standard blades with the aerodynamic benefits of flat blades. 

However, they are slightly costlier than both of these blade types.

  • How to Choose a More Durable Option?

A lot of people ask “What is the difference between Bosch wiper blades and any other brand’s wiper blades?”.

The major difference lies in the structure of the wiper blade arm, the attachments, and the quality of rubber used.

The design life of an average wiper blade is 1.5 million wipes. If you want your wiper blades to last this long, you want to choose a pair that utilises good quality materials in its crafting. 

To be able to identify the best set of wiper blades, you must have a basic knowledge of the parts of a wiper blade:

  • Wiper blade arm

The arm of a wiper blade is a metallic structure that functions to transfer the movement of the motor to the blade.

  • Rubber edge

The rubber element attached to the wiper blade is generally made of natural or chloroprene rubber.

Some rubber blades are made of soft rubber on the wiping edge and firm rubber on the rest of the blade. 

It functions to maximise the flexibility of the wiper blade so it can run smoothly on the curvature of the windshield. 

The side of this rubber edge which comes in contact with the windshield is coated with special compound and graphite powder to reduce friction on the glass.

  • Spring flexors

Spring flexors are attached outside or inside the rubber edge. 

They function to ensure that the pressure of the blade is distributed evenly throughout the glass surface. 

The spring flexors are bent in a way to match the curvature of the windscreen.

  • Spoiler

The spoiler in a set of windscreen wiper blades is installed on the driver’s side of the windscreen. 

The spoiler is essential to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the blades and reduce wind lift when the car is moving at high speeds.

  • Connectors

The connectors are used to connect the wiper blade with the arm of the wiper.

  • The Best Wiper Blade Brands in India

Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of brands in the Indian automobile market that provide pretty good quality wiper blades at affordable prices:

  • Bosch

The Bosch brand is a renowned and established name when it comes to high-quality yet affordable car parts and accessories in India. 

The brand not only produces a good range of premium wiper blades but a lot of other products like car battery charger, engine oil, oil filter, brake pads, headlights, etc.

  • Michelin

Although Michelin is most popular for its superior quality tyres, the brand also offers an excellent range of auto products for professional-like auto maintenance at home. 

Their wiper blades are one of the most sturdy and long-lasting wiper blades you’ll find in the market.


So, here was the ultimate guide for purchasing the best wiper blades online. 

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