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Hotel door lock system has come a long way, from traditional key locks to the most current Bluetooth or Wi-Fi locks. Do you have any idea what’s fascinating? If you walk around a few hotels, you’ll notice a variety of hotel door lock systems. If you run a hotel, ensuring the finest security for your guests becomes one of your main priorities. Here’s an article for you about hotel door lock systems and how they function.

So, before you choose a lock system for your hotel, learn everything there is to know about hotel door locks. Continue reading!

What Kinds Of Hotel Door Lock Systems Are There?

In today’s market, there are an overwhelming number of options for your hotel door lock system. Let’s have a look at the three types of hotel door locks.

Locks on doors that are mechanical

The most basic and extensively used mechanical door locks are the traditional mechanical door locks. They’re popular because of how simple they are to install and how inexpensive they are. An traditional key lock, on the other hand, is simple to pick and inconvenient for large commercial hotels.

Mechanical Door Lock Types:

  • Knob Locks are a type of lock that has a knob

The most popular type of door lock, found primarily on interior doors. They have knobs on both sides and a single or double cylinder on the inside and outside to lock them.

  • Locks with Deadbolts

Deadbolts offer more security than doorknobs and are nearly impossible to break into. They are available with a single or double cylinder and offer the best protection in the simplest design.

  • Locks with Chains

They’re commonly found inside hotel room doors to allow you to greet guests on your doorstep while keeping the door shut.

  • Padlocks are a type of lock that is used to

Padlocks (a form of outdoor lock) are one of the most basic sorts of locks. They can be circular, square, or rectangular. They are not mounted on the door and are divided into two types: keyed and combination.

  • Mortise Locks are a type of lock that is used to secure

They are the most powerful mechanical lock available. A set screw and a cam make up the locking mechanism. The mortise lock can be light or heavy, depending on the size of the cylinder, which varies depending on the door type.

Locks that are controlled via electronic means:

Electronic locks are all over the place, so you’ve undoubtedly seen them a few times. Once properly fitted, electronic locks, also known as digital locks or smart locks, are convenient, hassle-free, and require minimal maintenance. Smart locks have a considerably higher level of security than regular locks. It’s also a great option for a modern apartment door lock, and it may also be utilised as a bedroom door lock. Also, if you’re considering using this for your main door, get expert advice on electronic locks for front doors.

They have a lot of functions and don’t require internet access. Within the electronic lock category, there are a variety of locks, each with its own mechanism, features, and benefits.

Let’s take a brief glance at them, and we’ll go over each one in detail later.

  • RFID
  • Lock with Smart Controls
  • Card with a Magnetic Strip

What’s Behind Each System in Electronic Door Lock Technology?

It is critical to understand how a door lock system works before installing one in your hotel. An electronic door lock system, no matter how simple it appears, often has a complicated operating principle.

RFID-enabled locks:

Radio waves are used to identify the guest and his lock in RFID locks. The contactless transmitter-receiver lock emits a radio wave that communicates the customer’s information to the reader, confirming authorization and allowing the door to open.

Card with a Magnetic Strip:

They are the most prevalent type of electronic lock, often known as magstripe or chip card. The cards include a thin magnetic stripe that may be swiped or inserted into a magstripe reader, and they resemble credit cards.

Lock with Smart Controls:

They are the most recent addition to the electronic door lock collection. To access the encrypted key issued to the guest, they need a smartphone linked to the reader’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Without a key, you will be able to lock a door. All of these door locks are keyless and include modern technology. You may need to replace the battery in your smart lock after a specific amount of time. Aside from that, these locks are extremely secure and long-lasting.

Mechatronic locks are electronic locks :

Mechanical and electronic locks are combined in mechatronic locks, making them simple to install and providing improved security. Some locks require energy, but the majority of locks are battery-operated, with a battery life of over a year and the ability to be replaced.

In hotels, there are a few more key configurations that are used:

Aside from the guest room locks, every hotel requires other key configurations such as an emergency key, Master keys, Grand Master keys, and so on. The hotel’s emergency key unlocks all of the guest rooms. It is utilised in the event of an emergency or when a guest need assistance. A master key is used to open all of the rooms on a level or in an entire building. Depending on the hotel’s orientation, there may be a set of master keys.

A Grand Master key opens all of the hotel’s doors, including the laundry, kitchen, and linen rooms.

Which Door Lock System Should You Use in Your Hotel?

Installing a new hotel door lock system is an investment that will last a lifetime. To assist you in selecting the appropriate lock, we have analysed all of the various categories.

You might choose a mechanical lock system for a tiny classic hotel to give it an old-school vibe.

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An electronic door look system is preferable for a commercial star hotel. If you’re on a tight budget, though, a mechatronic lock system is an option.


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