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When masses do not stop their falling and breaking hair with oral treatments and cosmetic products, they seek transplant surgeries by which they can transplant new follicles on their scalp with the help of hair transplant techniques such as Fue, Fut, Sapphire and Bio-Fue, etcétera. If you are also interested in having this surgery, establish contact with the Hair transplant in Ludhiana to extract more accurate results. Additionally, hair loss treatment is a correct choice while you are reaching for a robust solution that, rather than breaking your hair, makes it healthy and more appealing.

Is chest and beard hair perfect for body hair transplant?

You may see numerous masses who do not have good hair on their scalp. Therefore, your doctor may get donor hair from your chest and beard during the body hair transplant. Is using this site for hair useful? Because these hair follicles are the same as scalp hair follicles. This antigen phase represents the thicker hair caliber, a more significant number of viable grafts, and negligible formation of scars. Your hair transplant surgeon can obtain approximately 3000 to 5000 grafts from your beard hair follicle extraction.

On the contrary, chest hair has higher transaction rates than beard hair. Due to the stay in the shedding phase, the antigens are relatively short. At this point, hypo-pigmentation or post-inflammatory hyper may find in your hair. Before a week of surgery, you have to shave your chest.

A suitable candidate is: An ideal candidate for body hair transplant should have the following qualities:

  • Who wants to cover their full bald skin in a single session.
  • Who has had a previous hair transplant that was unsuccessful, and you may have bald spots on your head.
  • People with less donor hair on their back head.
  • People who have fragile hair on their scalp.

How does body-to-head hair transplant surgery work?

Your doctor will use Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) method while performing a body-to-head hair transplant. During this, your doctor may use a sharp serrated punch to extract separate hair grafts directly from your donor site by forming more minor scars. Your transplant surgeon will get donor hair from your chest seven days ago from scalp transplantation. The plantation of these grafts performs like other hair transplantation surgeries to extract more natural outcomes.

How beneficial is a body hair transplant for the scalp?

It is common to see that millions of individuals use several treatments to correct their hair fall and baldness, but rather than getting smooth, shiny, and healthy hair, their hair turns grey and messy. It starts breaking gradually in a bulk that does not take them stress-free breath.

Thus, even they have not left with sufficient donor hair to implant on their skin. In this condition, a body hair transplant (BHT) comes in front to help them. In the BHT technique, there is no need for stitching; therefore, it creates remarkable output. Individuals with highly hairless skin and short hair on the back of their scalp are suitable clients for this hair transplant.

Here at the Profile Hair Transplant Centre, you will experience the new technique under which your hair transplanter stitches hair on your bald area by scalp Trichoscopy analysis and computerized hair as per your eligibility criteria., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0