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The last few years have seen commendable box printing advancements that have particularly benefited the apparel industry, changing the packaging landscape forever.

When apparel brands look for a cost-effective way to market their products, the packaging is their first choice. The modern printing press enables the boxes to be presented in any desired way and patterns.

Whether you brand manufacturers apparel in large quantities or for individual markets, they need constructive packaging boxes to support them. Retailers prefer apparel brands that offer incredible packaging because it attracts more customers. Even for e-commerce, the boxes are the first physical feel of the brand and must live up to the hype.

Would you like your brand to be more popular? Then using custom printing is here to inflate your brand recognition! The following tricks can prove to be a cherry on the cake.

How to select the box designs?

Box designs comprise the physical box construction as well as the printed patterns on top. The first part is the most crucial. Reliable boxes offer more than just protection to apparel items. Customers value better brand values and these are topped by effective deliveries.

No matters how well the boxes are designed on top, if the contents are damaged or torn, they wouldn’t be encouraged to order again. In this age of rising e-commerce, it is essential that the brands firmly base themselves as trustable entities. And the process starts with ensuring safer shipment through well-made boxes.

box printing

You must consider the following factors before finalizing the box characteristics:

  • The ultimate aim of your brand and the perception it wants to exude.
  • The type of apparel items in question. Sensitive and premium items need better box support.
  • The overall brand image. The color combos and box look must be in sync with these.

There is ample professional help if you want to attain error-free box making. Sharp box cuttings and on-point dimensions save the day in terms of apparel deliveries and packaging.

Now, once the apparels boxes are safe enough to package the contents, you can get on with designing. There are certain rules that you must cater to:

  • Generating customer interest by printing elements that pertain to them. Different apparel items are made for varied customer types and their boxes must depict this successfully.
  • Distinct colors, graphics, and textures allow better brand recognition.
  • Be aligned with the other branding materials to form a convincing brand story.
  • Foster customers’ interest in the brand.

Apparel items need to be updated with changing customer tastes and the boxes can easily present such change through customized box printing.

Printing extra content

Branded apparel boxes don’t only have a unique brand identity but also informative content. You can use printing for any branding prospect.

Launching new product lines, apparel using guidelines, handling instructions, and any custom text requirement is conveniently met with innovative fonts and alluringly printed content. You may sell in different countries and require to meet the set regulatory benchmark. Printing helps to satisfy all those and more customer preferences too.

You must ensure that the right info is printed on the boxes. Double-checking helps to lower errors and misconceptions. Also, you must be careful to pick what must be printed on the boxes and details that can be avoided to save space. Customers basically want to know how their apparel items are produced to decide on the brand for purchases.

Provide a repeatable shopping experience

There is a reason why you see all those creative custom printed shipping boxes out there. Customers demand elevated shopping experiences more now than ever before.

Your brands can be among the top apparel companies viewed on YouTube. It is the best form of reaching out to more customers without spending any extra!

Personalized messages coupled with creative box constructs add to give customers a worthy reason to keep coming back for. Printing fills the gap that bland boxes fall short of. Engaging tag lines capture customers’ interest no matter if they are placed on retail racks or sent directly to the customers.

Maintaining box quality

Your brand must maintain its reputation by using printing innovatively. Printing requires modern printing elements to keep them from fading away quickly or the boxes getting torn during transit. Customers highly appreciate apparel boxes that look crisp and fresh. They relate the same qualities to the brand too.

Apparel selling and distribution need a constant flow of premium boxes. You can depend on expert box designers to do the task for you. You can have distinct box styles for every type of apparel manufactured. The quality will be effectively maintained and you wouldn’t have to spend excessively on brand promotions using alternative platforms and tools.

Add an aesthetic touch

Apparel packaging boxes are best for different purposes. Well, being a manufacturer, you can use them to give an appealing touch to the products. They can also use embellishments to make the particular box more stunning. Why? The more your box would look good, the more it would grab the attention of the customers. So, get them in attractive designs to positively create the best impression on the customer and positively impact the sales.

If we would talk about small and medium businesses, they prefer to use this box instead of an ordinary cardboard box. It depends on the nature of the product for choosing the material for packaging. Corrugated and cardboard boxes are usually available in one and two-piece styles.

You can do any custom printing using an array of printing options. For instance, certain apparel companies like to place their logo on custom printed boxes while some like silver and gold foiling on them.

However, you wish to use box printing, just be aware of the above factors and you would be good to go!


The best part about custom printing is that on top of being used for a variety of packaging and branding tasks, it is affordable and adds to the overall business profitability levels.

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