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Lawnmowers are the best ally for the care of the garden lawn. A task that, thanks to this type of tool, we can carry out in a short time and with little effort. The latest generation robotic models mow the lawn autonomously while you do other tasks.

Before purchasing a lawnmower, a series of aspects related to the surface of the lawn to be mowed must be assessed, such as the size of the land, the number of obstacles that the lawnmower may encounter (such as sheds, trees…), if there is any Demotte power tools outlet nearby, based on which you can choose the most suitable for your garden. Read on to find out what you need to look out for.

The lawnmower offers a wide variety: from the simplest models, such as manual ones, through electric, gasoline and tractors, to autonomous, programmable and remote-controlled robotic lawnmowers.

Types of lawn mowers

1. Lawnmower

They are the most traditional lawn mowers.

Within these mowers we can classify them according to their mode of operation:

  • Manual: they do not have a motor, you have to push it manually. This type is indicated only for small gardens up to 100 m², flat and regular or those places that cannot be accessed with a larger machine. They require greater physical effort on the part of the user. It is recommended for well-kept lawns that do not have very tall and rebellious grass. They are the cheapest, but they lack a collection bag for mowing.
  • Electric: they are lighter, more manageable and cheaper than gasoline, in addition to not requiring maintenance. They are indicated for medium surfaces of up to 500 m², depending on the model. We can find self-propelled models: the motor moves the wheels and you don’t have to push them, making work easier. Within the electric lawnmowers we can also differentiate those that work by cable, from those that have a built-in battery.
  • Electric corded machines need a nearby power outlet, which makes their autonomy difficult and may not be practical if you have to go around trees or bushes. There are self-propelled models, in which the engine moves the wheels and you don’t have to push them; an ideal alternative for sloping gardens to facilitate work.
  • Battery lawnmowers: they offer more independence and freedom and ease of movement. They are lighter, more manageable and require minimal maintenance. Lithium batteries have better performance and charge faster than conventional (nickel cadmium) batteries and do not need to be fully discharged before recharging. Generally, the battery charge usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • Gasoline: they stand out for their power (greater than the previous ones). They offer more autonomy and independence with respect to the electric ones with cable. They have two tanks: one for gasoline and one for oil. We can find self-propelled models: the motor moves the wheels and you don’t have to push them. Is the lawn area uneven? If the meadow is not flat and has mounds or slopes greater than 25 degrees, it is preferable that you choose a gasoline model, even better if it is with traction -which advances without the need to be pushed-. For those who have experience in gardening and even like mechanics, given that these machines are made up of spark plugs, an oil and fuel tank…-, the petrol lawnmower is ideal to facilitate mowing work.

2.  Robotic lawnmower

The robotic lawnmowers work completely autonomously and are easy to install. This installation implies that the machine plans and memorizes in its system the surface on which they have to cut the grass and also the areas that they have to avoid. They do not need human intervention to mow, being able to do it even when no one is at home since they are programmable and some can also be controlled remotely. They have a battery that recharges in a support and returns to the task when it has a charge again to continue cutting. It is the ideal lawnmower for those who do not want or cannot carry out the task of lawn maintenance, for those who have a garden that requires very frequent mowing and, with this, always have a perfect appearance, for fans of new technologies, even for allergy sufferers because this way they will avoid doing the work of contact with the vegetation; for all of them there is the option of delegating the task to the robotic lawnmowers. Its low consumption and less noise than other types of machines are other incentives to choose this type of lawnmower. Find out all about How to choose a robotic lawnmower for your garden.

3.  Lawn tractors

They are mowers with wheels, like a small vehicle -with its steering wheel, lever, motor, transmission…-, which saves a lot of time due to its cutting speed. In addition, its use is more efficient and comfortable, since it allows its handling while driving it seated. An ideal system for mowing large surfaces of more than 500 m² and that have a closed and protected place to be able to store it when it has fulfilled its function. If this is your option, we will show you the keys to choosing the right lawn tractor  for your case., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0